Sunday, February 19, 2012

Plan B.

things have been slightly stressful here to say the least. i am now 31 weeks tomorrow and we're still laid off. typically we wouldn't be stressing about this because its part of this apprenticeship unfortunately but prepping for a baby is a little crazy... so instead of dwelling on this fact we're trying to pick up the pieces and move to plan b. have Wesson here.

chances are mike will be back to work by April 24th but now that i'm going to the doctors every other week its just less stressful to think about changing doctors and just accept that we're here. Mike will just need to hurry his booty back once Wesson starts to make his way into the world. of course i have many mixed feelings about staying here... its been incredibly difficult not to put my nursery together, and lets face it you all are bummed too. i know you wanted to see me pull off a nursery in a trailer. well its still happening just a little later than we thought. besides Wes won't even be in his crib until around 4 months! for now little mister will be sleeping in a cradle that was i believe (correct me if i'm wrong!) was my aunt Amys than my cradle.

we've been staying busy by taking any and all baby prep classes we can find. we started our birthing class 3 weeks ago and its been really good for us. not only with the information we're learning but really connecting us together as parents. Mike cracks me up he is so into getting everything perfect when lets face it its not going to go perfect! but its sweet he's trying :) hes going to be a great daddy! i'm still doing prenatal yoga every wednesday. i know i preach about yoga a lot but i seriously cannot stress it enough... i plan on pushing all of my friends to start prenatal yoga as soon as they get pregnant even though yes i'm pushing non preggo friends into yoga now :) there are just so many benefits!

8 week challenge update: we've just finished week 5 already! and yes i'm going to brag a little here, i am very proud of myself :) so i am almost 8 months pregnant and have gained a grand total of 8 pounds! before anyone tells me i'm not being healthy and thats not good for my baby please take a second to think. obviously i would never do anything to put my baby or myself in any danger. trust me i've talked to my doctor about everything along the way. i walk every. single. day. i do yoga and lift weights daily and of course my prenatal class that is definantly a work out once a week. i eat very clean. do i give in to splurges? of course. but i don't use my pregnancy as an excuse to gorge myself and let my body go. although i've only gained a little weight i'm fully showing now and fully feeling very pregnant. Mike laughs every time we walk because i swear at least once i have to stop and really work those kegels and try to not pee my pants! thank you Wes for jumping on the bladder! My ankles are starting to feel the effects and are feeling a little weak.

Wesson is fully active now and can be found in mommy's rib! i love it though... constant reminder that our baby boy is healthy and happy. i have a feeling he's going to come our swing dancin away! :) Thank you those friends who have really stuck with us through this stressful/exciting time. your friendship means more to us than you know :)