Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Baby Cakes

Since I've been having so much with mixing fruits and veggies to make different flavors for Wesson, I decided to take it one step forward and figure out solids for him. Wes is now a little over 9 months so I suppose its time to get his little fingers working when it comes to lunch time. He's obsessed with Puffs but I can't really get away with that being a meal.

I searched online and wasn't really liking any of the ideas I was seeing so I decided to mess around with a few things and see what I could come up with. Last week we shared pancakes with Wes and he loved it, of course he liked the syrup the most and that wouldn't be fly on a day to day basis!

Here's the baby (pan)cakes I came up with!

  • 2 tbsp pured apples
  • 1/2 cup pureed sweet potatoes
  • 1 egg
  • 1/3 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 cup milk
-mix all together and cook like a pancake. you could probably cook the whole batter up and freeze the cooked ones or do what I do and just cook as we go :) if you try it out lemme know how your baby likes it!


squinty eyes just like his mama ;)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quick Trip to CdA!

Well I suppose 10 days isn't exactly a quick trip but considering we decided to come home less than 12 hours before, it works. We're still hanging out on the books, yippee! Not. Mike was in Helena for 3 nights while Wes, Rem and I braved the never going above 5 degree temps, not fun. I woke up every few hours making sure Wesson didn't kick his blankets off. Attempted co sleeping one night, failing miserably because someone thinks mommy's bed is play time. He most likely thought that because the floors in the trailer weren't holding enough heat to play on so we lived on the heated mattress with toys. After crying to Mike about feeling like I was freezing my baby, we loaded the truck up and made the 6 hour drive home. We needed a break.

It was a needed trip home. Especially since we will be getting a call any time and won't be home until around May. We also needed updated dentist appointments, doctor appointments, rings cleaned, tax appointments, CPR classes and some good old fashion bath tub time.  I am so sorry we didn't get to see all our wonderful friends, it was a crazy week trying to fit things in... but don't worry you'll get sick of us once we officially live in the same town again!

Despite the boring teeth cleanings and errands we had a pretty relaxing, happy trip...

We got to spend a night with our favorite people sharing drinks, making memories and finding out the truth about Lady Gaga. I also got to spend some good quality T&P time just us girls another day (with the exception of our main man...)

Shared frozen yogurt our favorite birthing, mommy friends; Whitney & Faith and their sweet baby girls! It still shocks me when I look at this picture! I love that we've stayed connected even though we go months without seeing each other. You girls are so special to us!

Watched the Ravens win their way into the Superbowl with Michelle & Travis and Matt & Kelsey. I'm glad the Ravens won (even though I don't care about teams...) I'm not sure how Matt would have reacted to them loosing ;) I also got to attend my first Garden Street yoga class with Kelsey and my mom taught by the woman who got in me into yoga 4 years ago! love!

can't wait to open our own Hayden studio one day ;)

I got to visit with my newest mommy friend Vandelle and their two week old baby John. If I was having doubts about baby fever it has officially set in now... awh so adorable, tiny and non monstrous! Just reminds me ever more how quickly time goes by, oh great I'm one of "those" moms now!

zonked out right in my arms...

We also got to grab lunch with Kellon and Leslie at the yummy Nosworthys. I slacked and didn't snag a picture BUT I can assure you the food was great and the conversations were better!

I got to sneak in a few runs with my mama and we also attended a health seminar at my dad's office. A lot of the information wasn't new and he talked mostly about what I'm already working on. Hooray for being on the right track! He did spark my attention on sugars and things their feeding our animals to plump them up... Did you know that margarine was created to fatten the turkeys up but it was clogging the turkey's arteries so bad they had to stop. Well since they had produced so much they added some yellow dye and decided to pass it as a "healthier" option for butter?! ew. sick. Needless to say I threw our fake butter our when I got home!

We got to squeeze in a few nights of cards with my parents, plenty of coffee chats with mom, Mike got to sneak off and go duck hunting one day and got to fling a few arrows another day. It was so nice to be able to put stress aside for a week and come back to the trailer refreshed and ready to take on the last leg of this journey. We also found out our babies are becoming damn good travelers! Wesson is a dream baby in the truck now, nothing like our nightmare move!!

Wesson having a blast crawling around and pulling himself up on EVERYTHING!
world class travelers :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sandy Hook Virtual 5k

In case you haven't heard there have been some awesome people working on setting up a 5k race for the families of those angels & heroes of the Sandy Hook tragedy. While the people around CT will be the actual 3.1 miles in town, others around the country have to option to run a "virtual 5k" in their own states and cities on March 23rd. How cool is that?!

Cover Photo

Here's is the link for the registration. So whether your running with the pack in CT, running another race on that Saturday, running with friends/family, or running solo around your neighborhood think of those families/friends hurting and take time on those miles to thank God for the people you have around you.