Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wesson's Birth Story

He's here... my sweet, sweet baby boy is finally here. Currently i am sitting on the floor looking over pictures and remembering all the not so fun details of how he came to be curled up with daddy on the couch right now. man is it a beautiful site... this amazing adventure started wednesday morning around 9 am. i was so excited to finally be feeling contractions it took everything to not get my hopes up and try to make the day go by. i was able to time them all day long but wednesday evening is when they started to get to 5 mins apart. i told myself i'd go in at 3 mins. so close to midnight i finally decided okay lets go! the storm must have put a lot of other woman into labor, it was a packed night on the 2nd floor! i went in at 1.5 cm dilated. ouch i had been that for 2 weeks already! they said either in an hour i had to make progress or either leave and go home or stay and get induced. needless to say this was our least favorite nurse!! i was not going back home so i bounced on that damn ball for an hour, crying, wondering if we were even going to be able to stay. worse hour of the night. but i got it done and i dilated to a 2! we got admitted made our phone calls and it was go time. i was at a 3 around 8:30 am and than a 4 around noon when Dr. Julie Meltzer decided lets break my water and get it going. and boy did it get it going... through the morning i'd stayed pretty calm and kept my deep breathing right on track but once those contractions started getting harder it was a rough bit. i had AMAZING coaches. my husband was an incredible couch! seriously if i could lend him out to help others i would. he kept me focused and positive. my mom was also my coach and although Mike was definatly my main go to i needed my mama in there to help keep grounded! around 2 i was dilated to a 7 which pretty much gave me my second wind. from 2 to 3:30ish i dilated to a 10! whew! i pushed for about an hour before we finally got to see our boy. it was truely an incredible experience that i can't really put into a blog so if you want the dirty details i'd be more than happy to share... Jussy and Whitney this is including you two ;-) i'm very thrilled i was able to do it natural.... i can honestly say not once did i say i wanted an epidural but i did say i couldn't do it anymore, A LOT! that was my go to phrase. also i should announce that uncle christopher guessed right on the date (april 26th) and was closest to the weight and time of birth. ha now thanks to Grandpa Schenck i can share wesson's birth story through pictures :) they make me cry every time...

Wesson Michael McBride: born April 26th at 4:37 pm.... 8 lbs 3 ozs... 20.5 inches long... we love you more than anything baby boy, you are the perfect addition to our growing family.

***also we cannot forget Baby Gracelynn made her appearance less than 24 hours after Wes. Faith you did AMAZING!! what a tough labor good thing you're such a tough cookie!! :) we got to visit before labor got too bad and we were neighbors once our sweet babies were born. its been so wonderful having Faith and Miss Whitney (only a few weeks left mama!!) to cling onto these few months and especially the really rough last few weeks. I can't wait to watch us grow as mamas and to watch these babies grow up!!***

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Plan C.

i just spend the last hour re-reading over my blog from the last year and what a crazy, crazy time of my life... oh wait i'm still living it! i feel like we're kind of in the exact postion we were a year ago except with a baby coming. oh traveling linelife i am so over you. Goal: next year when i re read my life to not be living at my parents. i know so many people have questioned why i post my life for anyone to read but i love being able to go back and remember those little adventures that i'm amazed we made it through... kinda helps my current situation lol i had forgotten about the toilet misshap and our fridge breaking down when we first got to Wyoming. i thought i was going to have a mental break down and look we survived! so feeling like an episode of 16 & pregnant is my life right now, alright but its just for the moment! the books are moving quickly again so literally any day now Mike could be back to work and soon after me and the boys will be right back with him taking on new challenges. we're strong and although i may feel mentally beaten some days its okay. this is all another thing to read about and laugh about.

i love the quote off of pintrest "if plans A & B fail its okay cause there's 24 letters to go through" yup thats kinda how i feel...or at least what i'm hanging onto.

plan A was: come home for December, go back to Wyoming after
plan B was: well we're laid off so we'll hang out here until we get called and we'll all go together

plan C currently is: it is a little too late for me to travel so i'm here :) Mike is currently number 6 on the books so any day he will get called out and leave us to get situated where ever. i have 23 days until my due date, give or take. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't freaking out. i pray daily that Mike will be placed in Montana so as soon as labor starts he can drive his booty back home and be here for Wesson's birth. if not Montana than hopefully close to an airport that has a straight flight to Spokane. its going to be a very crazy next few weeks lemme tell ya!

besides not knowing where my husband is going to be when i go into labor, i am so ready. we truly got spoiled at the showers and got everything we needed and wanted. all Wesson's clothes and blankets are washed, diapers and wipes are stocked and ready to be blown through the first week, i packed our hospital bag this morning and i'm talking mike into putting in the carseat today. i'm sure some of you are thinking okay a little early? yah maybe but come tomorrow Wesson is considered full term and please you all know me... i'm little miss ready :)

i feel great for the most part. i'm extra sensitive, cranky and feel like i need a crane to hoist me outta bed but i'm happy and excited. i'm trying to fill up my weeks with positive friends and family time (even though i'm sure mom is thinking we get PLENTY of bonding) :) i have busy wednesdays with dr julie and yoga but now to stay busy the other 6 days!