Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Our California Adventure-Over

When we first started out on this California adventure we said things like…

-it’ll go fast

-we’ll talk daily

-it’ll be worth it

-the kids are young and will be fine




Truth is- the money is there, the kids actually did great. We talked and facetimed almost every night.

But we quit.

Turns out we’re really not cut out for distance and actually like going on more family adventures, rather than just once a month.

We were able to accomplish half our two loans left. Once Mike gets back to work,  well take our savings and pay the GMC off. As for the trailer, we both agreed that we can pay that off in 2 years as long as we have daddy home.  When we first started out on our debt free journey we’ve always said #debtfreeby30. Well we are only 26 so I’d say we’re doing pretty dang good!

I’m so proud and happy Mike has decided to come home. The timing was a mutual decision but coming home early was all Mike and I’m thrilled. He loved the job and the crew but didn’t want to be away from the kids any longer. I got the easier end of the deal, I get to see our monsters daily.

Mike will come home late Saturday night as planned for Christmas break but only this time with the truck and trailer to stay! Best Christmas gift!

He’ll go sign the books next week for local 77 and will most likely still have to travel but he’ll be home every Friday night like normal.

Funny how money and getting out of debt seems so tiny compared to missing out on family time… I’m very much looking forward to having our missing piece home.

Thank you for the support over the last 2 months. It was tough being a solo mom but with good friends and great family, we survived!
Merry Christmas Everyone! xoxo!