Wednesday, July 20, 2011

random events in the mcbride's trailer life.

although nothing super dramatic has happened lately i though i would at least update about the little things going on with us =)sorry for no pictures i haven't been very good lately!

- linemans rodeo was last weekend. mike and landon had to work half a day on friday so dustin got to be my shopping buddy. admit it dustin you loved it ;) we loaded up the truck and headed the 8 hr drive to cacasde montana. ick. luckily we had good tunes and lil bottles to keep us entertained. of course mike wasn't too thrilled with our unlimited potty stops we had fun. mike did great competing but unfortuantly during speed climb he cracked his egg so he didn't place. he's bummed and being way too hard on himself but i'm proud of him. i'm proud of all the boys for doin great! we were pretty anxious to get back home sunday. we left remmi in a kennel for the weekend and had to be there by 5. i was driving because the boys were either still drunk or way too hungover to drive. it was a nice quiet drive filled with my rockin chick tunes. but i got a little turned around and ended up driving the opposite way for about 2 hours =( luckily we made it just in time to pick rem up!

- Jim and Dina, my wonderful in-laws stopped by last night. they're doin a little road trip through yellowstone and made a day out of coming to visit us! and let me tell you boy did i need that! i've been craving some real conversations and it was so nice to have to here. we took them around our little town of casper and twice i caught myself having a little pride of this town and i've been here for oh 4 weeks? lol oh well i love it.

- we have our kid rock concert this friday and we're both getting super excited! the concert is in cheynne which is about two hours from here so we're boarding remmi for the night (luckily our pup is very social and doesn't seem to upset to be there!) since i'm boarding him i'm taking this opportunity to go shopping, finally! although i really, really wish i had my mom or one of my best frans to shop with. Sam and Ash you know how terrible a shopper i am! i talk myself out of everything. there are a few cute shops here so hopefully i can find some outfits to wear for robs bridal shower and jocey's birthday =)

- other than the little things going on i've just been keepin myself busy. i'm almost running the whole trail now which is really excited for me. im in full swing at yoga and i swear i fall more in love with it after every class. im turnin into a cookin machine. i have learned so many new recipes and haven't had a flop yet! plus i'm learning how to bake but healthy bake. which is excellent cause thats my favorite part of cooking. can't wait for the holidays, mikes crew and the trailer park are gonna be living in baked goods ;)

- warning: way too mushy section! mike and i are doing great. i am probably more surprised than anyone to find myself loving this trailer lifestyle. i finally feel 100% happy. although we've been married almost a year, we haven't been acting like even couple let alone a married couple. these past 4 weeks have been the best of our relationship. we're learning so much about each other. we're finally living our life together. i have finally realized how incredibly lucky i am so be here and married to such an incredible man. i used to recent this stupid job thinkin he picked it over me but in reality he's been doing this all along for us, our future. i guess it took me dragging our relationship through hell and pushing it to the edge but i know fully see how blessed i am to be sitting in our home and married to my husband. its been a rough road and i know it hasn't been easy on the people around us and for that im sorry but thank you for believing in us when we couldn't.

- and lastly (after i just got done saying i'm proud of casper, wyoming) the first recorded case of west nile just turned up in no where else but here! yay! here's to flyin, blood sucking mosquitos! eeek!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

always somethin goin on in the trailer hood.

alrighty who's ready to see our second home, the use to be bach pad... everyone keeps asking me how it is to live in a trailer. well i love it. i love the simple life we've managed to make in it. its cozy and super easy to keep clean! my biggest stress was it was going to feel cluttered but with my amazing organizing/cleanin skills i haven't felt that was once.

but as much as i love our trailer we need an upgrade. its great for the summers but it won't keep us warm once the snow flies. our first thought lets try to find an apartment here in casper. rumor has it this job is suppose to last until january. but as most of you have noticed my life changes in the drop of a hat! besides with an apartment comes the stress of moving furniture, which we have none of. so than we'd have to find a furnished one and that grosses me out. we have thought of every situation, angle, blah blah blah so the most reasonable option: upgrade the trailer. mike wants to get a big 40ft 5th wheel toy hauler. me? i feel in love with the 24ft bumper pull trailer. okay compromise. we're not on the hunt for a 30ft bumper pull toy hauler! we've found a few and i'm so stinkin excited! we're hoping to still pay off some things before we do this so we're thinkin sept or oct... i don't like the idea of getting more debt but like mike said its our home it needs to be perfect, seeing how i'll probably be living in it for at least another year.

anyways thats the trailer situation. so for now please enjoy the pictures of my current, humble little house =)

our yard.

kitchen/dining table. yes i have managed to cook in the tiny oven! i baked cookies yesterday. took me forever but i got er done!

dresser and tv (as if sitting on the couch)

couch =) a little old school.

our bedroom.

bathroom sink. prob the main reason i hate getting ready theres no damn room ha good thing i'm low maintence! (bathroom is in a door behind this but who cares about that part!)

so thats the house part of it.
so how am i adjusting to the great move? excellent. i feel the happiest i've been with myself and my marriage. yes i get extremly loney during the days but between the little things i plan throughout the day it goes fast! i spend too much time on the phone. went over my mintues already woopsie. mike and i are getting to experience more together than i ever thought. time is flyin by. this weekend is the linemans rodeo. and as most of you saw we won tickets for kid rock for next weekend. than after that i spend a week and head home for 2 weeks. i am so stinkin excited to go visit. the family reunion is going to be a blast and of course seeing my friends. but i'm already homesick thinkin about leaving mike. i love the life we've created here, together.

Monday, July 4, 2011

the parts of town that matter to muah

i've managed to survive my first week here. people had me a little worried whenever i'd mention moving to casper but honestly i really like it here. its kinda an old fashion town which i love and i have managed to find target and walmart which is really all i need in life :)

i spent my days getting up making lunch for mike than goin back to bed, haha i know i'm lazy now. after an hour nap remmi and i go for our first walk/run of the day. i've measured it out and its about 1.2 miles one way. so we head to dog park and while remmi runs through mud and chases birds i'm that weird lady that does squates and lunges in the park, luckily this park is empty and no cars can see me! we head home eat some lunch. i facebook, tweet, blog, check accounts, blah blah blah while remmi sleeps. next is my favorite part of the day. i plop my ass in a chair (now in the POOL! yay!) and tan, read, and listen to music. life is sweeeet. next we head in the trailer and some dinner... when mike gets home we usually have to take remmi for another walk or go outside and play cards. thank you so much mom and dad for teaching us. its our favorite pass time now with no tv!! =)

i know my days sound pretty boring but its okay so far. i do miss home very very much though!! heres a few pictures of the town so you can kinda see where i'm living!

this is mikes office, yay hot time!!

down town....

nice, big fancy library :)

one of my favorite buildings. this movie theater is right down town and its only $3.50 to go see movies! they aren't brand new ones but as you can see new ones still! score!

and this is our church! its super small but wonderful! everyone was super super nice and welcoming. we can't wait to get to know everyone better!

Healthy Lifesyle studio. here's where i'll be taking my yoga classes =) bad picture but its off a main road. its an old house turned studio. can't wait to get my yoga on!!

i love this sign... this is down at the popular side of the dog park (not where i look like an idiot working out at) remmi has made lots of friends who tucker him out... thank goodness!!

this is their HIGH SCHOOL!! it is massive. obviously it doesn't matter to me a whole lot but it just kinda shows how the town is set up. this is also right up the road from our trailer park. i'll put up pictures of the football field once they get done redoing the field. the school takes up so much room. we can't figure how why its so big though! we're gonna sneak into it once school starts ;-)

whelps folks there ya go.... the parts of casper that i love. i forgot to get a picture of my dancing sheep shop though =( cutest yarn store! happy 4th everyone!! miss you all!!