Monday, December 26, 2011

1st half of being home

I've been home for almost 2 and a half weeks now (geeze! where's the time gone!) I've been super busy during the first half home. Spending many hours making memories and laughing with friends that I've missed so much.

Mike got in early Thursday morning, which of course the fog gave us a little scare- the pilot announced they weren't going to land in spokane but montana. luckily it broke long enough for Mike's plane to land. Thursday night we got all of our friends together and went to dinner. Thank you again for all those who took time out of their crazy Christmas schedules to spend some time with Mike, it meant more to him than you think... Friday was a little nuts with puppy training class and fitting in family time. Christmas Eve was our Christmas with Mike's side, it was wonderful they brought Christmas to us and it was so fun. We spend Christmas morning at my parents. We definantly got spoiled by both sides, Wesson and Remmi included!

Mike left Christmas afternoon to head back to Wyoming :( I am very, very thankful he was even able to come home for the few days but man was it hard saying good bye and letting him go without me and Remmi in tow. The plan as of now is he is back in Casper for the week. His last day is Saturday. His dad offered to fly down Sunday morning and help him drive the trailer up to Helena where we'll leave our home and Mike will drive up here where we'll wait. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't stressed out.

I've been pretty okay up until this point about the whole unknown thing but with Christmas over I'm starting to freak out. There's about a 50% chance we could get placed in Montana- BIG SIGH! It would be so great to be close to home with the upcoming baby craziness. But I have a big feeling we'll be sent to Utah for work. Ugh such is the life of a linewife, worry worry worry. Hopefully we'll get a call after a few weeks and won't have to stress for too long.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and was able to spend lots of time with family. :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Storm and Frozen Pipes

"I came here to be your taxi driver, NOT your maintence man!!" my 19 year old brother has mentioned this to me a few times in the last 48 hours :-/

alright what a crazy weekend... Mike called me Friday afternoon saying I'm leaving you. uh okay? hope she's cute? oh leaving me for Utah gotcha! Mike has been on trouble calls (work that last a few hours at night but is home to kiss me good morning) but this was our first storm! I got his bag packed and had dinner waiting for the ten mintues I got to spend with him before he left. He had the "look." the look only other linewives know and the look my brother and I grew up with. My dad used to get this look when he got called for a CRT call out (crisis repsonse team) My charming husband walked through that door with the biggest shit eating grin I've ever seen. He tried to hide it because after all he was leaving me! He had a blast, working 19 hour days and boozing it up with the boys. He sent me a couple neat pictures I'll upload evenutally :) He thought he was going to be gone all week but once again the good timing bug hit us and he got home tonight. So why am I on here while my brother and husband are home... oh because they needed to go get some things for the trailer (more on that in a few) and I was informed it was brother bonding and I was invited.

so backing up now. I picked Christopher up Saturday morning from the airport. Apparently because I'm carrying Mike's child that means I'm incapable of driving myself home so he bought a one way ticket for my brother to come down and drive home with me. Not complaining about the company even though I know he'll sleep most the way ;-) Sunday was a total shit show....

woke up and wham no water! uh... okay well it could be worse. I could be alone but i have my brother! yay! haha... well panic first, call dad second. He spend the morning on the phone with dad and the other unders the trailer. To set to scene real fast... its a slight blizzard out, the temp is going between 12 degrees and -1, and the wind is blowing like a mutha. Alrighty so he got a heater hooked up to start thawing pipes and breaker blows. No big deal I blow breakers daily. whoops! strange thing is all of a sudden its not working at all. so we mess with that for a bit before we notice this fun water spot leaking in the middle of the living room. One problem at a time. We decided after trying everything Mike was telling us to do and it still wasn't working we needed to save it for my sexy lineman ;) (side note: normally on storm the guys can't call, luckily Mike's forman is a doll and wanted to make sure I was surviving so he had mike call me, a lot)

after a long day of not really accomplishing anything we decided to call it a day. a really stupid day! after blowing breakers we didn't have heat in the back room so I made Christopher sleep with me :) so while laying there watching Dukes of Hazard we had a mass flood of water! YAY!!! pipes unfroze!!

Now we're here we are Monday night... we picked mike up and instead of wanting to sleep Mike wanted to work on the electric stuff... as i'm typing this the boys got back and wham bam my lineman fixed it!! Honestly don't know what was wrong but its working! Now they're working on the mystery water spot in the living room. I'll keep ya posted with this one :)

In conclusion, we survived our first storm. I'll tell ya what, if Christopher wasn't here I would have bags packed, driving home, with my finger out the window to the state of Wyoming and its Negative degree weather! :) but we're alive. Mike had a blast on storm "making some coin" and boozing it up! Christopher made it clear its been an interesting wyoming trip and its too damn cold to live here. Now tomorrow we'll finally have a fun, relaxing day. Mike got the day off so we're dropping Remmi off at doggy daycare, going to breakfast, and going to check on Wes at 11:30! I get two of my favorite boys there! This is our first official ultrasound too, it'll be fun to see how big he's grown in 3 weeks. Christopher and I than leave Tuesday night around 2 am to head home... with us getting transfered soon Mike's trip home will be cut short to just Christmas weekend. He's bummed he won't be able to spend time with friends but its his attitude about it that makes me even more proud to be his wife.

Hopefully we'll know more soon about where we'll be starting the new year! but for now my lineman made it home safely after his first storm :) xoxo!