Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

what a great weekend! i have to say i enjoy having mike around for longer than just a sunday! now to recap our weekend...

Thanksgiving Day:
so yes this was my first thanksgiving cooking all by myself, well with many phone calls to mom (as she so wonderfully blasted all over facebook!)i think all in all it went pretty smoothly though, minus the mishap with the microwave :-/ but heres a few pictures of our trailer park thanksgiving!

okay worst part... stuffing our chicken. ick, gross, sick.

thank goodness we didn't try a small turkey, this baby chick was pushing our luck in the tiny oven!!

and taaa daaa! looks pretty good if i say so myself!! :)

thank goodness Josh showed up cause we weren't sure how to cut it up lol it was a very educational day for the McBrides!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! =)

we did go out on black friday only just for fun... we took our sweet time getting up and going so the crowds were pretty much all gone. we got all our shopping done though! yay! after shopping Mike wanted to show me an old light plant (i LOVE creepy old buildings!) besides Remmi needed to get out and run without worrying bout cars. its actually pretty cool and the pictures don't really do it justice but here ya go! :)

The Light Plant...

And than we let Remmi run and run =) as you can see he could literally run for miles and we could pretty much still see him haha.

monster dog <3 br="br">

we carved our name in the sand stone... we apparently can't make a perfect heart!

Although i was pretty upset we missed my favorite day of the whole year back home. i was pretty excited Casper had a light show to offer, including FREE hot chocolate and cookies! yes! it was kinda odd going to a parade and getting front row seats and being able to walk up and down the streets. we didn't even show up early! but wow was it freezing! About half way we both couldn't feel our fingers and Rem was starting to shiver so we headed home for hot cocoa and Christmas movies. We figure next year we'll bundle up better and stick out the whole thing for Wes :)we did have a lot of fun though!

Here's downtown Casper...

Mike and Rem :)

i have so many things to be thankful for in life. i have a wonderful husband, a healthy growing baby boy, a puppy that makes me laugh more than cry ;), an amazing family back home, and excellent friends who thankfully have managed to not forget about me way down in here! :)

hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

baby wes

as most of you say already baby McBride is a baby boy... I know we and most everyone were pretty shocked that its not a little girl. I don't know why but we all thought baby was a girl! Mike and I have spend countless hours before we knew we were pregnant and even more after just talking about talking about baby boys and girls, so when we found out it was a boy we instantly were thrilled about the stuff we'll be able to do and teach him.

I know it was also a shock that we even had an appointment... I had my regular doctors appointment on Monday, everything is great except I dropped another 5 pounds and I was worried cause my belly hasn't "popped" out yet. Doc told me the weight wasn't a big issue for now because I was so sick for the first 4 months that its normal to be still going up and down. The belly thing will just come with time, with how long of a torso I have Wes has lots of room to stretch out, also with me still jogging, doing yoga, my pregnancy workout and also with my healthy eating style (seriously this kid only craves fruit!!) that what I'm gaining is all baby and not fat. Yay for that news! Although I'm super anxious for a real round preggo belly!

And than we had Wednesdays appointment. After seeing every one's ultrasound pictures on facebook and with uhm everyone being pregnant and seeing their baby Mike and I were defiantly feeling jealous, so I did a little research and found Gentle Touch Studio. Basically this lady has her own 3D, 4D ultrasound machine and does it just for fun. Which is pretty popular here since Wyoming is wonderful and doesn't allow ultrasounds until 20 weeks. We knew there was a chance we would be able to find out but didn't want to announce it and than have to listen to "did you find out?" So went in yesterday morning. The room was pretty awesome, its set up so you're whole family can join and watch your baby on the big screen. Mike enjoyed the huge leather lounge chair ;-) I thought for sure I'd cry and Mike would at least tear up but nope the minute we saw baby on the screen we couldn't stop laughing and smiling, I think Mike looked at me once but his face was glued to that screen the whole time, precious! :)

3D pictures are defiantly kinda spooky but watching the life feed is the coolest thing. Little mister was moving A LOT so most of our still shots don't have his whole body in it. I kept asking so he's actually moving around like that? why can't I feel this?! She told me she's surprised I'm not yet and will be even more surprised if I don't feel him by the end of the week. Can't wait! At first mister wouldn't stay still enough for us to see what gender he was but than once we spotted the little pee pee it was defiantly in every shot!

Needless to say the rest of the day we both had permanent smiles on and our phones were blowing up! :) thank you to everyone!

Picking out the name was pretty simple since we've had them picked out for like oh 3 years now! lol we're lame like that. For a boy it was either Colton James or Wesson Michael. We knew instantly our baby boy was Wesson. Yes we have based all of our names on guns... We already have Remington the dog and now we have Wesson. Next babe will hopefully be a girl and she'll be Kimber. So no stealing names ;-)

Also I love that my mom found this for me yesterday...

Cyndi Hunter Schenck posted:
The meaning of the name Wesson is West enclosure west settlement.... ha ha too funny... considering he was conceived in Wyoming... the wild wild west... PERFECT

guess Wyoming is good for somethin!!

Now what to look forward to...
my weekend in Helena with my best friends!! Miss Brandy and Robyn are coming over for some MUCH needed girl time while Mike learns lots in class!

SO in love with this little boy already... we're excited to meet you and don't be surprised if Daddy has a dirt bike by your crib waiting! xoxo.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas Time in the Trailer Park

I don't want to hear its not even Thanksgiving yet blah blah I have a valid excuse :) I won't be here basically the month of December and we're not spending Christmas here SO I want to enjoy my tree and snow flakes for longer than a week!

besides we've already gotten snow (before the wind blew it away!) and I know you folks back home are starting to get in the Christmas mood with the first snow this morning so happy holidays!

Above the fireplace...scent in candle: Festival of Trees to make up for the tiny fake tree of course!

Fireplace- we'll be adding stockings as soon as we can put a K or W on a stocking instead of a boring B ;-)

Above the cupboards, yes channel 24 is the Hallmark channel. I've now cried during Christmas Card and currently cried twice during November Christmas- SO sweet!!

TaaaDaaa our ity, bity Christmas tree!

Lazy bones Mike who played Words with Friends while I decorated the tree... so if I'm sucking and you all are kicking my butt- its actually my retarded lineman who hijacked my phone...

I wanted to take close up of our tree... we themed it Wyoming Christmas hehe its all cowboy ornaments.

My "fancy towels" like Mom said Grandma, Mom and myself are probably the only ones who have trained our husbands not to use them, they are our decorative ones ;-)

My favorite part of winter- Flannel sheets! love them :) and course my lazy dog... must be tired of chewing my Toms and trying to take down the tree!

Lastly since decorating for Christmas is suppose to be a family deal so of course I wanted pictures with my boys... as you can see Mike was impatient and irritated cause I took him away from MY phone... Mom said "welcome to marriage!"

And Remmi well he just wanted to eat my braid! this shows his true character...

Well I hope you're all enjoyin the snow back home... we're wishing we could trade this wonderful now 60 mph winds in for some snow :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

its a wonderful life.

it is wonderful but also very, very cold. welcome to winter in Casper, Wyoming. its snowed on us multiple times now while it doesn't last long before the snow blows it away. the average temp is right around 20 degrees, while yesterday the temp was a warm 8 degrees up on Casper Mtn (ten minutes from our park)luckily we've managed to stay warm, well inside the trailer. my morning walks are another story, i've actually picked up jogging again just to stay warm, tired Rem out faster, and get back to my morning cup of hot chocolate next to the fire.

surprisingly we've been pretty busy! Mike is now working 6 9s, weird i know. we never thought we'd say this but we actually don't want to move until after the holidays... this will be our first thanksgiving totally alone. which of course is bittersweet, it'll be interesting to see if i can pull off a thanksgiving dinner in the trailer! Mike is also getting a ton of hot time, if we stay here he should have all of his hot time completed. Christmas present in itself right there! i've been staying busy with my new yoga classes, a few extra classes-i took the shake your bon bon candy class, so fun and next saturday i'm taking a bread making class! i've also been busy with crafting and slowly putting the nursery together... we got a big area rug for back there and we ordered the crib, it should be here in 2 weeks. of course it'll be bare until we come home from Christmas- we sent the bedding set to my parents just in case of a move. I posted the button tree on facebook, i'm so happy with how it turned out! i can't wait to add our baby's name too it :) i finally decided what to do with the other canvas... i'm no artist but i'm pretty impressed with my painting...

this is hanging over the guest bed... i love it because of course we know our baby is God's special blessing to us but i walked down the aisle to this song :)

we also had this big, awkward metal thing in the nursery... it must have been used to hold gas cans, tools, or whatever none baby stuff you keep in a garage.

SO after much chit chatting with fellow crafters we decided to do this...mike was able to pull it off the wall, we spray painted it, bought some foam and covered it in baby print :)

its so nice to finally get into a routine again and finally start feeling like Casper is our home for the time being... although fingers still crossed in Jan we get moved a little closer to home, we'd really like our baby to not be born in Wyoming...

love our little family :)happy monday everyone! oh also today starts week 16 for our little huckleberry... we have another appointment next monday!