Monday, December 31, 2012


Well here we are again... making plans to watch the ball drop, eating the rest of the junk food in the house, setting resolutions, and reflecting back on the year.

2012 was a year full of lessons, some pretty tough ones and some pretty wonderful ones. It bizarre to think a year ago I was big & pregnant, living with my parents, playing DD and going home to an empty bed. We may still be living in the trailer but at least I get to kiss my husband tonight. Although it was so tough not having Mike working last year, he was at least able to come to all my last doctors appointments and was there for my first contraction. I know everything happens for a reason ;)

This last year Mike and I have really grown up. Moving to Colorado with a 3 week old was kind of a reality shock. Going from living with your mom and than having to fully be a mom with zero help was kind of like being thrown to the wolves in the baby raising business. Luckily Wesson is basically a dream baby so it made it pretty easy on us and we've become damn good parents if I say so myself. We've also really grown into our roles as husband and wife. We've been living this crazy, sporadic life that forced us to say good bye to whats easy and forced us to relay on each other for support.

Its weird we've been talking about how we were suppose to be moving home soon and honestly part of me doesn't know if I'm ready (insert huge gasp!) I know I sound like a crazy person right now but I'm not sure I'm ready to share my family yet. I think this family needs just one more adventure. Which as soon as we get that call we're on it ;) Yes we miss home, friends, and family and we're more than ready to have a real life home but I've really found myself while going through this apprenticeship. I really like the wife, mom, & woman I'm becoming. I've made peace with my mistakes and learned to forgive myself and not let those hold me back. I'm learning the type of friend I want to be and the types of people I want around my family. I've learned to not expect anything of people, not in the aggressive I don't need you crap but in the I can't change people and situations so let it go type.

With that being said I guess that's another 2012 resolution I finally finished. I think all my life I've always put "let people go, don't let people get to me" one version or another and I think I'm finally okay with it.

As for our other 2012 resolutions we hit probably half of them. I did have a natural birth (woop!) and I plan on having all my babies natural, I lost my pregnancy weight and some more! I feel awesome! I'm on my way to the best shape of my life and loving the process. We did pay off more things but surprise added more on, such is life yah? Mike may not have fully finished the apprenticeship but between passing his tests and only have a couple hundred hours left I'd say we're pretty damn close! As far as Remmi listening better weeell he does.... just cost us a grand! hah. still so worth it though!

So in true "Cayla Fashion" here's our 2013 resolutions!

Fitness: continue running and see how many miles I can put behind me
              there are about 4 yoga poses I'm hoping to "master" this year

Mental: finding the light in our darkest times, stop focusing on the negative side of set backs
              accepting things/situations I can't change
              forgive & move on, with or without apologizes

Family: purchase our first home!
             Mike's journeyman's ticket
             financial goals

Its safe to say we're ready for 2013. We will 100% for sure be moving home this year. Not sure the time limit now but it should be no later than June, perfect time to buy our first home and have summer welcome us back! Until than we'll continue to hold onto these days of just us four, exploring new towns, learning more about ourselves, and fully enjoying the "little moments."

Happy News Years friends & family.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary School

After hearing about the Newtown shooting, like everyone else I've been left with a pit in my stomach and have been clinging a little tighter to my son.  How anyone could even have that horrible thought of hurting children is beyond me. I can't even really write about how horrible I feel for those families who already had presents under their trees, thinking about how excited their child would be to open their gifts, the future plans they had, and all the pain they're all going through. I can't imagine. Those families, especially the parents will be dealing with some assholes mental issues the rest of their life and that's not fair.

Although we don't know those families and friends affected by this tragedy, we can show our support in other ways. The Snowflake project came to my attention from another blog I follow and I think its a great idea! According to this blog the children and staff are not going to be going back to sandy hook, they'll be attending a new school. Which I just think is fabulous. A new school is always scary, so to make it inviting and welcoming they are asking people to make snow flakes of any kind to display in the new school! What a fun idea to do while your babies are still home on break! Here's the
link for more information and the address! I hope you all get inspired to just send one snowflake to help bring a smile to a childs face :)

Mike and I dug out my random craft supplies and brought out our creative side today! Here's what we came up with! :)
Mike working very hard on his one snowflake ;)

yeah, I'm aware my snowflakes look like a 4 year olds project

hope these bring a little smile in CT!

buh bye snowflakes!

Another organization I came across, that is helping out is this facebook group. I found this through a running blog I follow (I know I have too much time on my hands!) They are in the process of making a 5k run to help the families affected by the shooting. Of course the run will be in CT but they are hoping to add a virtual option for us around the US. I have seen other states creating a 5K in different cities so I can only hope where ever we end up, its close by a running city! If not you can bet I'll be out running solo on March 23rd!

Our little blessing working on his bitterbeer face :)
I hope these links help you heal, offer support, and if nothing else hug your baby a little closer and say a quick prayer for those affected.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

I don't know about you all but December flew by for us and even though its still snowing outside, our Christmas decorations are officially packed away.

Christmas was so bittersweet for us. It was the first year I didn't jump out of bed and run to wake my brother up. I think despite not getting to see our parents it was the perfect day.

Christmas Eve was pretty quiet we watched Ice Age, went to church (and made asses out of ourselves, lets just say my husband was the ONLY one wearing his typical hat and we spun brodies out of the parking lot ha), put cookies & milk out for Santa, read a few stories out of our Christmas book, and fell asleep to a Christmas Story.
christmas eve <3

I felt like I was 12 again during the night. I was up a few times, so excited that Santa came! It didn't help I think Remmi knew too because he was up wandering most the night. Finally around 5 I decided it was time to wake the boys up, yes I had to wake Wesson up haha.

Surprisingly Wesson was pretty great at opening presents. He of course loved waving the tissue paper around. Mike and I had planned on only doing stocking stuffers for each other but neither of us actually stuck to that plan. Mike has wanted a bow forever and talks about it nonstop, so to finally shut him up I decided it was time to get him one. A huge thanks for my dad, brother and Scott Siebert Mike got the ultimate Santa gift :)  I also got a big surprise though... Mike surprised me with a Garmin running watch. I am so excited and love it!!


quick christmas jog to tire the pup out & try out my sweet new watch

proud new bow owner

Since I woke Wes up he was happy to go back to bed shortly after opening all his gifts. After cleaning up all the paper and filling our plates with huckleberry/peach coffee cake we sat down to watch the hilarious movie, Pitch Perfect. Seriously so funny!

second favorite gift after his CAT wheel from uncle christopher!

all those great new toys and he still only wants to play in the dog dishes.

We were feeling weird and kinda homesick but that quickly went away once we were all loaded up and on the road to Butte. I am SO lucky I have a big, welcoming family! Connie and Pat invited us over for dinner and to spent the night. It was so relaxing and fun visiting with all my family... plus dinner was delicious! Remmi had fun socializing aka terrorizing their little dogs. It was a blast and made us even more thankful to be where we are. Thank you again guys!!

most hilarious gift... matches my wine glass

New Years will be a typical night in except we're making a pact now to make it to midnight instead of our usual 9, uhm okay 8 pm bed time. Our plan: alcohol and hooking the wii up. we're way too cool, I know :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and Santa was extra good to them! Loves! :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

set backs.

i've really been dreading writing this post.

last week mike got laid off... it sucks. so bad. as most of you know we only have 12ish weeks left so its been a really hard mental hit on us. we are so damn close so for something like this to happen is a kick in the gut.

don't get me wrong its been nice to have mike home a little more but the fact that we most likely won't get back to work until the 3rd week in january is tough. the hours and savings that is being sacrificed in during this time is a blow.

we are staying here until the next job. we're paid up in rent and we really do want to spend christmas morning just us 4. although i am very, very excited about going to butte for christmas dinner! :)

as usual we won't know where the job is or what type of job will come up. the thing we're most stressed about it is hours. mike has around 500 hours left so if he gets puts on a 40 hour a week job we're pushed back an extra couple of months.

its stressful and hard right now. no one likes to be laid off but when your future gets put on hold its a big mental hurt... so please keep positive thoughts for us during this.

Monday, December 17, 2012

G-Parents & Sleigh Ride

Happy Monday Friends!

So as I mentioned in my earlier post this last weekend my parents came to visit. It came at a perfectly stressful time as expected but I can't tell you how great it was to get a big hug and encouraging pep talk from my parents. They got into town early Friday morning and came straight over, we've officially made the transition from my parents wanting to see us, to mainly just wanting to steal Wesson away from us.

 The rest of the day was spent eating yummy, juicy burgers, swimming in the hotel pool and lots of laughing. And of course showing off our new and improved Remmi Bean :) After living with my parents twice now since we've had Remmi, he's pretty much become my dads dog when he's around... it always makes me laugh how he follows him around. Saturday we got up early and went up the mountain to show them our favorite part of Bozeman. Seriously its so beautiful! I'd show off pictures but mother dearest is being slow on putting them on. We just went for a little hike around History Rock and man was there a lot of snow! It was hilarious watching the Remmi and Oakley try running through the snow. They were crashed the rest of the day after getting plenty of exercise.... they're so sweet together, even after not living with each other they still snuggle like brothers :)

After our adventure we came back and packed the boys up for their first sleep over and time to get ready for our first full date night alone. I'm not going to lie it was really weird coming back and not having them here but it was also nice to just fully relax!

The Sleigh Ride Dinner was absolutely amazing. It was at the Lone Mountain Ranch right outside of Big Sky... We've been getting lots of snow so the view was breath taking. The night started out with drinks at the Horsefly Saloon, well rather Mike had a beer and I got a bottle of wine, haha. We than went out and got to meet our horses, Pepsi & Rum. :) beautiful Clydesdale horses. Once we were loaded in the sleighs, we had a thirty minute sleigh ride to a remote cabin. The ride was so beautiful.... the snow, bright stars, only sound of horses going through the snow.... seriously perfect date night. The cabin was so cool. There's no electricity in the cabin so our only lights were powered by natural gas and candles on the table. Our prime rib was all cook there on the wood stove, including our cowboy coffee and blueberry cobbler with hand whipped whip cream. YUM! During the dinner a local cowboy played his guitar and sang Christmas songs. The ride back down was a little louder (since most of us had downed our bottles by now ;)) we all sang Christmas carols on the way back... hey we were just doing our part to keep the wolves away!

 It was a beautiful perfect date night (I know now why all those "good marriage advice" things on pintrest say make time for date night!! Needless to say we needed it bad.... but I was still up and out the door at 6:45 to go see my babies at the hotel! Thanks again mom and dad for a fun weekend and a night away :)

Here are our horrible, no flash, super dark date night pictures! If you want to check out nice, professional pictures of where we were check out the sleigh ride link here.

lone mountain ranch

at dinner

haha finally the flash!

Bruce, our cowboy singer

Pepsi & Rum

Our Sleigh <3

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Big Sky Dog Training

Six weeks ago we took our fur baby to Big Sky Dog Training for some major doggie boot camp. If you've met Remmi or have talked to us recently you know this puppy needed it bad.... I know its a rough life living on a long line and not having a back yard, trust me I feel awful about this every day. But it was getting bad... our sweet puppy learned how to open the dead bolt on our trailer door and escape. He would never run far away but once I would get home and see him running the park, he wouldn't come to me. It was probably the worst, most frustrating thing. I was beginning to feel like I just couldn't leave him alone. Dogs are meant to be fun and good companies. Not piss you have to the point of tears.

Anyways after it was getting to the point of we need to get rid of him, we found Marty. The thought of finding a new home for Remmi made my heart hurt so bad so we decided it would be worth the time apart and the money. Yeah, it was not a cheap fix but lemme tell you it was SO worth it.

During the six weeks we were able to go see Remmi twice. We had the option to go more but with Thanksgiving falling in the middle of training we missed a few weekends. Plus it wasn't exactly a short trip. Its located outside of Billings so around 6 hours round trip for us... Wesson is happy this is over!

We've had Remmi back for only 5 days now and I don't think I could say enough about how amazing he is. I had a few fears of getting him back: he's going to be a stiff, too behaved, not lovable dog and that maybe once he got here he'd forget all his training and he bad again.

Thank goodness both of those aren't true. Remmi is still his fun/happy self and still adores Wesson... seriously he's been following him around sleeping at the foot of the crib, so cute. He still cuddles with me and yes sleeps on our bed. The only difference is I don't feel stressed out when I'm going in and out of the door and I don't feel like a prisoner anymore.

Saturday while I was running in/out trying to unfreeze our pipes with the blow drying, biiiig sigh! Remmi happily ran around the trailer and never bolted off. He was just happy to be able to be outside with me. Sunday when we drove up the mountain to really test him, he did even better than we expected. He stuck by our side and I didn't feel that horrible anxiety if I couldn't see him, I now know he'll always come back. Nightly we've been able to go for walks as a family and have him off the leash. He just runs around and gets so much more exercise.

The training was fairly simple, he didn't learn any new commands Marty just enforced them more. Also he now has his electric collar, so if he really doesn't listen we just turn the collar on. Simple as that.

All in all I guess if you have a puppy who didn't respond to regular dog training, (Remmi didn't respond to 2 different classes in two different states.... he's insane.) it doesn't have to mean you need to get rid of your fur baby, there are options and I am so happy we found another out for ours.

i think he's happy to be home

i missed my monster!


having way too much fun in the snow.

tuckered out after running like a wild dog!

SO happy i finally have my running buddy back!

seriously so sweet... best buddies.

Also friends if you could please add Jeff Gandy's family, friends, and students into your prayers. He was one of Mike's instructors, he passed away last week. Mike is heading over to Helena with a few others for his celebration of life. Such a sad situation especially so close to Christmas. Makes you hug a little tighter...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Journeyman Lineman Test

When I met Mike 6 years ago, he was a 17 year old kid who talked a big talk about being a lineman one day. I was so impressed, seriously who knew what they wanted at 17! I remember having no clue what a lineman was, hell who really does know? I know when I tell people what Mike does they always look at me a little funny. I mean honestly Mike really doesn't look like a football lineman... sorry honey! I've gotten used to saying my husband climbs poles for a living and using the term apprentice lineman. Well I suppose now (well in 2.5 months) I better start saying journeyman lineman.
my first picture of mike climbing... right after his lineschool graduation.

Mike wanted to keep his test a secret (this was really hard for me not to blurt out to the world so if you knew count yourself very lucky that I trust you ;)) he left Friday morning for Helena. His written test was Friday afternoon... the written test consisted of 3 different tests. Mike passed them all except for transformers theory by a few points. Saturday morning he woke up to take his pole yard practical test. Basically he had to be acting Foreman for 2 other guys and was tested on this... I haven't heard the full details yet but he passed so I'm sure he passed with flying colors. Next his had his knots test and passed that as well. Mike will be returning to Helena in Feb to retake that one test, it'll work out great because he should have all his hours a few weeks after that.

this is what we did while waiting, watch the snow fall... well this and my 5 am bad ass tramp wife move (more on that another time...)

These tests are what Mike and other apprentices have been working towards for the past few years. Almost four years in Mike's case... he started his lineman journey just shortly after he graduated lineschool and took a starting position as a groundsmen in southern Idaho. He was there for about 6 months... those hours did not go towards his apprenticeship but that's how dedicated he's been. Willing to pack up and live in a sketchy motel, 12 hours away from home just to maybe get his foot in the door.... Shortly after my visit to the Thunderbird Motel we decided it was time to buy him a travel trailer... best decision ;) That following September he got the call from Mountain States and headed to Utah to fully start his apprenticeship.

8 States (5 states he's been back to more than once and 3 more states have been in the last year and a half with us), 2 trailers, 2 trucks, roughly 6,500 hours, almost 4 years has gone into all this. his has moved within days notice, gone months without seeing family, worked days on end just to earn a few more hours. if that doesn't say a lot about my husbands character I don't know what does. How many of you can say your husband climbs poles and flips on the city lights? (okay linewives that doesn't count you!! ;)) yes I am SO incredibly proud of Mike. It has been a long journey to start seeing the road back to our home state, but he's worked his ass off and kept his chin up... and we're finally seeing the end. (we started the house buying process woop!)

my boys! we're so proud of you!!

If you've had the pleasure of watching Mike grow through the past few years, than you've first hand watched my high school crush turn into the strong man I'm married to today and know how tough this has been. It's been such an amazing experience watching Mike follow his dream. It hasn't been easy being married to a "rambling man" but I thank God he's kept me around so I can write this extra braggy post and share it with you all! Besides I know you all love hearing about our ridiculous stories.

We still have a few months left, around 500ish hours, and one more test to go but I think I can say this for both of us a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. We'll be able to fully enjoy the Christmas season, making memories in Montana in the trashiest trailer park :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

santa & wes

happy monday everyone! we had a pretty quiet weekend around here... mike worked all day saturday and called me last minute as wes and i were heading to the christmas stroll. we wanted to all drive together but mike ended up getting hung up at work. needless to say we were all a little frustrated and ended up missing the stroll.... we were bummed but it was probably for best. wes and i are just now recovering from a nasty cold. i'm glad i got that first experience out of the way... being sick with a sick baby is horrible. i wanted to sleep, he wanted to be held. so our saturday night turned into homemade pizza, a few redboxes and snuggles on the couch... not too shabby :)

sunday morning i got up bright and early, meaning before wes was even awake (ick!) and hit the road to go see my furbaby. it had been 3 weeks since i'd seen him so i was due for some remmi time! i have to say its been really tough not having remmi around but this has SO been worth it. i spent a little over an hour walking with marty and remmi around a field... a big field, with lots of distractions, no fence and remmi NOT on a leash. this is huge! he responded so quickly to me calling him back. marty defiantly worked his magic. now i only have to wait FOUR more days before i can make the 2.5 hour drive there to bring him home. please send well wishes... i'll be getting remmi all by myself. 6 hours round trip with wes and remmi will be hard. we've done it before but i swear it never gets easier!

after i made the trek back home mike and i loaded wesson up to go see how crazy the mall was and see santa. it was so fun. wesson was great... he laughed the whole time and kept trying to grab santas beard. it was so sweet... we had a hard time picking out which picture we like best! the bozeman santa is a winner... he not only looked legit, he was so kind. as we were picking out our picture a special needs boy wanted to talk to santa but he was a little unsure. the santa was so patient and gentle it seriously melted my heart. i love seeing christmas magic and kind people still around.
isn't this the most perfect santa picture?!

the rest of our day was spent with hallmark movies and studying. i'm so proud of my husband and his dedication towards his trade, i just love him. i also really, really love hallmark movies ;) come on bride for christmas anyone? hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season so far!

my favorite christmas tradition so far... i actually think we'll just move to regular chicken soup books after this.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Its a Trailer Park Christmas...

i am so excited to finally share pictures of our trailer again this year! i had fun making christmas crafts (and gifts!) pintrest is such a great invention ;)

this year's december will be a first for me, we will be spending christmas here in Bozeman. just the four of us... i'm not going to lie, i do get a little knot in my stomach thinking of not waking up with christopher at 4 am, but its time for us to start our own tradition. we have a very busy month coming up. i am trying to think realiscally and get in my mind i will probably be doing a few things with just me. we're not sure if mike will be going to 7 10's yet (i'm praying hard they wont... 6 10's is plenty!!) so that only leaves us with one day to fill with christmas joy, give or take a few hours after work. here ya go here's how we'll be spending our december in the trailer park...

  • decorate wesson's first christmas tree- we did this before we went home for thanksgiving... i didn't take any pictures though, i know bad mommy. wesson wasn't really into but now he's always reaching for the tree
  • holiday parade- we lucked out and get to attend two holiday parades (aren't we lucky!?) cda's of course was last friday and so much fun. wesson really loved watching all the lights and trucks... bozeman's holiday parade is this saturday (unfortunately its at 3 and my dear husband doesn't get off until 6... momma/son day?!)
  • bake/decorate gingerbread men- in the past we've done gingerbread houses and although they've always been fun they never taste good and they're typically in the way. so this year we'll be attempting gingerbread men!
  • go on a sleigh ride- now next to watching wesson on christmas morning and getting remmi back, this is what i am most excited for in december! well i guess i should say after seeing my parents as well ;) they are coming to visit in a few weeks to babysit so mike and i can take off to big sky for a real, old fashion sleigh ride. its going to be beautiful and romantic, i cannot wait!
  • chicken soup for the christmas soul nightly readings- we started this tradition tonight! we read to wesson nightly anyways but to tell the truth we're a little over reading about pokie the puppy and to get into the christmas cheer we decided to switch. i love having us snuggled on the couch without any distractions, its wonderful.
  • snow shoeing- i'm really hoping this will a december thing but most likely will turn into a winter event.
  • operation christmas shoe box or christmas angel- we all should really practice giving all year long but especially during such a special time. i will fully enjoy shopping for a little girl!
  • build a snowman & snow angels- wesson's first!! yay!!
  • attend christmas eve service- ideally it would be a candle light service but the chances of wes lasting that late is slim.
  • bake christmas goodies to take to the neighbors and crews- i love, love, love baking but come on i do not need the extra calories in the house... spreading christmas cheer!
  • polar express night- pintrest idea? you betcha. i love it... popping popcorn, putting hot cocoa in to go mugs, throwing sweats on and grabbing blankets to hit the town and look at lights. can't wait!
  • visit santa- we'll see how wesson does but after getting passed around to strangers and putting on quiet the sweet act i think he'll do great. probably stick his tongue out at him, haha.
  • visit a live nativity- not sure if bozeman actually has one or not, i heard a rumor.
  • watch the classics- of course this has to be on here! buddy the elf, Rudolph, grinch anyone?! you bet my dvr is filling up as i type!
so there we have may seem like a lot but this time of year is so special to me, i really want to start out right with wesson "a family is a little world created by love..."

our whittle tree...

thank you again tyler & aimee... the candles are perfect!

few pintrest ideas! i love my diy glitter candles (old bath & body jars?! heck yes!)

cozy :) just missing Remmi laying by the fire...

chicken soup for the chrismas soul...

aren't they the sweetest?!

my little christmas blessing

FINALLY get to put these out... my favorite gift from my parents last year... personalized santa plate/mug... you can bet santa will be enjoying goodies off these gems...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

i think i am still stuffed from our trip home... i think i literally ate my way through our vacation. classes are going to kill me this week, ha. we had the best trip home, much needed! it was very, very busy... i can't wait to be home for good so we don't feel so rushed in each of our visits. even with our extra day i didn't get to fit in everyone i wanted to see, boo. i am so glad we got to come home though... the thought of trying to cook in the trailer again makes my head hurt. in case you forgot that  fun experience here ya go ;)

i won't bore ya all with the written details instead here's some pictures... by the end of the week i got lazy with pictures, my bad!

Jussy came over to visit. short trip but oh so sweet!!

wrestling with oakley... i think its time remmi comes home

our fav place!

uncle bug showing wes how to drink...

happy thanksgiving :)

we were stuffed

my most favorite people in the whole wide world!

lights parade

my very, very best frans. finally we're all married :)

the boys... and mwalls manly drink ;)

got to see ash for a little bit, also nicole came down after for awhile...

married people can get crazy too. haha

here's the back to wesson's new wagon g.grandpa made :)

3 generations

i love my dad!!

on our way home we got to stop in Butte and visit more family!
all in all we are so incredibly blessed with wonderful friends and an ever growing family... this has been a year of so much to be thankful for....we love you all and really appreciate those who squeezed us in your busy holiday week.