Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Granola Lifestyle

My Granola Lifestyle.

i've always had an intrest in having a "clean and simple" lifestyle- eating fresh foods, home cooked meals, and just really having that good balance to fit it all in. its not that i haven't had time i just haven't made time to really figure out how to make that work for me. so i decided since having wesson i really want to make some changes in the way we live. now i'm not talking about saving the world, boycotting major stores, and stop shaving or anything that drastic. just simple things to try to cut out some chemicals and eat fresh homegrown foods.

i probably won't be posting on fb everytime i try something out mainly because i know 95% of you don't really care what we eat but i know my mama does ;) buuut i like to keep record of things to look back on... i chose the name granola lifestyle because when i first started really getting into yoga my parents and brother kept calling me a granola and hippie. i love that yoga comes with such stigma hah.

i hope this helps anyone who's looking to make small steps into a more simple lifestyle and if anyone has suggestions i'd love to hear em.

I'm just a simple guy, I live from day to day. A ray of sunshine melts my frown and blows my blues away. ~Led Zeppelin

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trailer Nursery

I have waited so long to decorate my trailer nursery and its still hard to believe its not only finished but i have my sweet baby sleeping in the crib! so wonderful :) but first how our trip went...

it was quite the trip lemme tell ya but we laughed a lot and somehow made it... the trip started thursday morning a little rocky. if its not hard enough leaving the house with a newborn trying leaving the house and moving with a newborn and a puppy! ouch, yes i'm an idiot. since as most of you know my dear puppy is VERY active so i asked the vet for doggie downers. well oakley somehow managed to lick up a little piece that fell out of Remmis mouth that's my guess anyways. thankfully Nicole came over and kept an eye on my parents drugged puppy while mom and i attempted to get on the road.

after giving remmi another doggy downer, mom exploding white cheddar popcorn ALL over my car, having to nurse in the middle of no where and burger king, one night in a sketch motel we finally made it. yah, we were both over the trip before we even left Idaho but it was a memory we won't forget :)

i'll admit i've been very spoiled living with mom, if i couldn't get wes to burp she was right there. when i needed to go shower or make lunch and wes just wanted to be held mom was on it. i'm very thankful for the time i got to spent with my parents... guess it all worked out perfectly. after all the crazy paths my life has taken so far i really should have better faith!

today has been the first day i've been totally alone with wes and rem. mike had to get up at 4:30 to take spaz dog for a walk to give me a little more time in the mornings before i have to brave a walk with him and the stroller... its weird being alone though. good thing i speak baby and puppy ;-)

sorry its kind of a boring update, i'll try to update in a week and let you know if i'm surviving or if i bought a ticket to take me back home.

now here's our trailer nursery! i know everything is crammed but i'm pretty proud of the way everything's turned out. especially our project we did last year... the tool holder that mike took down and spray painted. it holds wesson's stuff perfectly! :) i never thought i'd have wes sleeping in his crib already but i think he loves it... he slept 8 hours straight last night in it! and also on his tummy! yes i got up oh 3 or 4 times to make sure he was still okay!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Brighton, Colorado.

Nervous. Excited. Anxious. Ready.

Brighton, Colorado here we come... we got the call a week and a half ago. Mike packed up and left within 24 hours. ouch. we knew it was coming so i can't say it was a shock but still moving that fast is always hard. Its been a rough two weeks for Mike not seeing Wesson although i've sent A TON of pictures and videos, he is going to be shocked when he gets to hold his almost 9 pound boy! Brighton is a smaller town right outside of Denver (like hayden to cda) i couldn't be more excited to be that close to denver... i've found SO many mommy groups, puppy groups, yoga studios, shopping centers and activities to keep us plenty busy. Mike is most like working 6 12s which will be hard to not see him but more hours = getting finished faster! our sundays will be filled with lots of day trips :)

mom will be driving the 17 hour drive with me, wesson, remmi and this dumb little plant i think our family needs. we'll be leaving thursday morning and she'll fly home sunday night. i am nervous for the big drive but SO incredibly thankful for her help and company. its going to be an adventure!!

Wesson Update:
i knew i was going to love being a mom but didn't know just how much i would love that little boy... i feel like i get plenty of sleep every night. anywhere from 4 to 7 hours :) we've ventured out quite a bit too... he's already a regular at caddy shack! he's such a little sweetie... one of my favorite things right now is bath time. i swear he would live in the water! he gets so excited when he hears the water and gets a big grin, showing off his dimple, when he gets to get in the water and "swim" :) love it.

wish us good luck on the drive and i'll be sure to take lots of pictures along the way :) xoxo