Monday, December 26, 2011

1st half of being home

I've been home for almost 2 and a half weeks now (geeze! where's the time gone!) I've been super busy during the first half home. Spending many hours making memories and laughing with friends that I've missed so much.

Mike got in early Thursday morning, which of course the fog gave us a little scare- the pilot announced they weren't going to land in spokane but montana. luckily it broke long enough for Mike's plane to land. Thursday night we got all of our friends together and went to dinner. Thank you again for all those who took time out of their crazy Christmas schedules to spend some time with Mike, it meant more to him than you think... Friday was a little nuts with puppy training class and fitting in family time. Christmas Eve was our Christmas with Mike's side, it was wonderful they brought Christmas to us and it was so fun. We spend Christmas morning at my parents. We definantly got spoiled by both sides, Wesson and Remmi included!

Mike left Christmas afternoon to head back to Wyoming :( I am very, very thankful he was even able to come home for the few days but man was it hard saying good bye and letting him go without me and Remmi in tow. The plan as of now is he is back in Casper for the week. His last day is Saturday. His dad offered to fly down Sunday morning and help him drive the trailer up to Helena where we'll leave our home and Mike will drive up here where we'll wait. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't stressed out.

I've been pretty okay up until this point about the whole unknown thing but with Christmas over I'm starting to freak out. There's about a 50% chance we could get placed in Montana- BIG SIGH! It would be so great to be close to home with the upcoming baby craziness. But I have a big feeling we'll be sent to Utah for work. Ugh such is the life of a linewife, worry worry worry. Hopefully we'll get a call after a few weeks and won't have to stress for too long.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and was able to spend lots of time with family. :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Storm and Frozen Pipes

"I came here to be your taxi driver, NOT your maintence man!!" my 19 year old brother has mentioned this to me a few times in the last 48 hours :-/

alright what a crazy weekend... Mike called me Friday afternoon saying I'm leaving you. uh okay? hope she's cute? oh leaving me for Utah gotcha! Mike has been on trouble calls (work that last a few hours at night but is home to kiss me good morning) but this was our first storm! I got his bag packed and had dinner waiting for the ten mintues I got to spend with him before he left. He had the "look." the look only other linewives know and the look my brother and I grew up with. My dad used to get this look when he got called for a CRT call out (crisis repsonse team) My charming husband walked through that door with the biggest shit eating grin I've ever seen. He tried to hide it because after all he was leaving me! He had a blast, working 19 hour days and boozing it up with the boys. He sent me a couple neat pictures I'll upload evenutally :) He thought he was going to be gone all week but once again the good timing bug hit us and he got home tonight. So why am I on here while my brother and husband are home... oh because they needed to go get some things for the trailer (more on that in a few) and I was informed it was brother bonding and I was invited.

so backing up now. I picked Christopher up Saturday morning from the airport. Apparently because I'm carrying Mike's child that means I'm incapable of driving myself home so he bought a one way ticket for my brother to come down and drive home with me. Not complaining about the company even though I know he'll sleep most the way ;-) Sunday was a total shit show....

woke up and wham no water! uh... okay well it could be worse. I could be alone but i have my brother! yay! haha... well panic first, call dad second. He spend the morning on the phone with dad and the other unders the trailer. To set to scene real fast... its a slight blizzard out, the temp is going between 12 degrees and -1, and the wind is blowing like a mutha. Alrighty so he got a heater hooked up to start thawing pipes and breaker blows. No big deal I blow breakers daily. whoops! strange thing is all of a sudden its not working at all. so we mess with that for a bit before we notice this fun water spot leaking in the middle of the living room. One problem at a time. We decided after trying everything Mike was telling us to do and it still wasn't working we needed to save it for my sexy lineman ;) (side note: normally on storm the guys can't call, luckily Mike's forman is a doll and wanted to make sure I was surviving so he had mike call me, a lot)

after a long day of not really accomplishing anything we decided to call it a day. a really stupid day! after blowing breakers we didn't have heat in the back room so I made Christopher sleep with me :) so while laying there watching Dukes of Hazard we had a mass flood of water! YAY!!! pipes unfroze!!

Now we're here we are Monday night... we picked mike up and instead of wanting to sleep Mike wanted to work on the electric stuff... as i'm typing this the boys got back and wham bam my lineman fixed it!! Honestly don't know what was wrong but its working! Now they're working on the mystery water spot in the living room. I'll keep ya posted with this one :)

In conclusion, we survived our first storm. I'll tell ya what, if Christopher wasn't here I would have bags packed, driving home, with my finger out the window to the state of Wyoming and its Negative degree weather! :) but we're alive. Mike had a blast on storm "making some coin" and boozing it up! Christopher made it clear its been an interesting wyoming trip and its too damn cold to live here. Now tomorrow we'll finally have a fun, relaxing day. Mike got the day off so we're dropping Remmi off at doggy daycare, going to breakfast, and going to check on Wes at 11:30! I get two of my favorite boys there! This is our first official ultrasound too, it'll be fun to see how big he's grown in 3 weeks. Christopher and I than leave Tuesday night around 2 am to head home... with us getting transfered soon Mike's trip home will be cut short to just Christmas weekend. He's bummed he won't be able to spend time with friends but its his attitude about it that makes me even more proud to be his wife.

Hopefully we'll know more soon about where we'll be starting the new year! but for now my lineman made it home safely after his first storm :) xoxo!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

what a great weekend! i have to say i enjoy having mike around for longer than just a sunday! now to recap our weekend...

Thanksgiving Day:
so yes this was my first thanksgiving cooking all by myself, well with many phone calls to mom (as she so wonderfully blasted all over facebook!)i think all in all it went pretty smoothly though, minus the mishap with the microwave :-/ but heres a few pictures of our trailer park thanksgiving!

okay worst part... stuffing our chicken. ick, gross, sick.

thank goodness we didn't try a small turkey, this baby chick was pushing our luck in the tiny oven!!

and taaa daaa! looks pretty good if i say so myself!! :)

thank goodness Josh showed up cause we weren't sure how to cut it up lol it was a very educational day for the McBrides!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! =)

we did go out on black friday only just for fun... we took our sweet time getting up and going so the crowds were pretty much all gone. we got all our shopping done though! yay! after shopping Mike wanted to show me an old light plant (i LOVE creepy old buildings!) besides Remmi needed to get out and run without worrying bout cars. its actually pretty cool and the pictures don't really do it justice but here ya go! :)

The Light Plant...

And than we let Remmi run and run =) as you can see he could literally run for miles and we could pretty much still see him haha.

monster dog <3 br="br">

we carved our name in the sand stone... we apparently can't make a perfect heart!

Although i was pretty upset we missed my favorite day of the whole year back home. i was pretty excited Casper had a light show to offer, including FREE hot chocolate and cookies! yes! it was kinda odd going to a parade and getting front row seats and being able to walk up and down the streets. we didn't even show up early! but wow was it freezing! About half way we both couldn't feel our fingers and Rem was starting to shiver so we headed home for hot cocoa and Christmas movies. We figure next year we'll bundle up better and stick out the whole thing for Wes :)we did have a lot of fun though!

Here's downtown Casper...

Mike and Rem :)

i have so many things to be thankful for in life. i have a wonderful husband, a healthy growing baby boy, a puppy that makes me laugh more than cry ;), an amazing family back home, and excellent friends who thankfully have managed to not forget about me way down in here! :)

hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

baby wes

as most of you say already baby McBride is a baby boy... I know we and most everyone were pretty shocked that its not a little girl. I don't know why but we all thought baby was a girl! Mike and I have spend countless hours before we knew we were pregnant and even more after just talking about talking about baby boys and girls, so when we found out it was a boy we instantly were thrilled about the stuff we'll be able to do and teach him.

I know it was also a shock that we even had an appointment... I had my regular doctors appointment on Monday, everything is great except I dropped another 5 pounds and I was worried cause my belly hasn't "popped" out yet. Doc told me the weight wasn't a big issue for now because I was so sick for the first 4 months that its normal to be still going up and down. The belly thing will just come with time, with how long of a torso I have Wes has lots of room to stretch out, also with me still jogging, doing yoga, my pregnancy workout and also with my healthy eating style (seriously this kid only craves fruit!!) that what I'm gaining is all baby and not fat. Yay for that news! Although I'm super anxious for a real round preggo belly!

And than we had Wednesdays appointment. After seeing every one's ultrasound pictures on facebook and with uhm everyone being pregnant and seeing their baby Mike and I were defiantly feeling jealous, so I did a little research and found Gentle Touch Studio. Basically this lady has her own 3D, 4D ultrasound machine and does it just for fun. Which is pretty popular here since Wyoming is wonderful and doesn't allow ultrasounds until 20 weeks. We knew there was a chance we would be able to find out but didn't want to announce it and than have to listen to "did you find out?" So went in yesterday morning. The room was pretty awesome, its set up so you're whole family can join and watch your baby on the big screen. Mike enjoyed the huge leather lounge chair ;-) I thought for sure I'd cry and Mike would at least tear up but nope the minute we saw baby on the screen we couldn't stop laughing and smiling, I think Mike looked at me once but his face was glued to that screen the whole time, precious! :)

3D pictures are defiantly kinda spooky but watching the life feed is the coolest thing. Little mister was moving A LOT so most of our still shots don't have his whole body in it. I kept asking so he's actually moving around like that? why can't I feel this?! She told me she's surprised I'm not yet and will be even more surprised if I don't feel him by the end of the week. Can't wait! At first mister wouldn't stay still enough for us to see what gender he was but than once we spotted the little pee pee it was defiantly in every shot!

Needless to say the rest of the day we both had permanent smiles on and our phones were blowing up! :) thank you to everyone!

Picking out the name was pretty simple since we've had them picked out for like oh 3 years now! lol we're lame like that. For a boy it was either Colton James or Wesson Michael. We knew instantly our baby boy was Wesson. Yes we have based all of our names on guns... We already have Remington the dog and now we have Wesson. Next babe will hopefully be a girl and she'll be Kimber. So no stealing names ;-)

Also I love that my mom found this for me yesterday...

Cyndi Hunter Schenck posted:
The meaning of the name Wesson is West enclosure west settlement.... ha ha too funny... considering he was conceived in Wyoming... the wild wild west... PERFECT

guess Wyoming is good for somethin!!

Now what to look forward to...
my weekend in Helena with my best friends!! Miss Brandy and Robyn are coming over for some MUCH needed girl time while Mike learns lots in class!

SO in love with this little boy already... we're excited to meet you and don't be surprised if Daddy has a dirt bike by your crib waiting! xoxo.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas Time in the Trailer Park

I don't want to hear its not even Thanksgiving yet blah blah I have a valid excuse :) I won't be here basically the month of December and we're not spending Christmas here SO I want to enjoy my tree and snow flakes for longer than a week!

besides we've already gotten snow (before the wind blew it away!) and I know you folks back home are starting to get in the Christmas mood with the first snow this morning so happy holidays!

Above the fireplace...scent in candle: Festival of Trees to make up for the tiny fake tree of course!

Fireplace- we'll be adding stockings as soon as we can put a K or W on a stocking instead of a boring B ;-)

Above the cupboards, yes channel 24 is the Hallmark channel. I've now cried during Christmas Card and currently cried twice during November Christmas- SO sweet!!

TaaaDaaa our ity, bity Christmas tree!

Lazy bones Mike who played Words with Friends while I decorated the tree... so if I'm sucking and you all are kicking my butt- its actually my retarded lineman who hijacked my phone...

I wanted to take close up of our tree... we themed it Wyoming Christmas hehe its all cowboy ornaments.

My "fancy towels" like Mom said Grandma, Mom and myself are probably the only ones who have trained our husbands not to use them, they are our decorative ones ;-)

My favorite part of winter- Flannel sheets! love them :) and course my lazy dog... must be tired of chewing my Toms and trying to take down the tree!

Lastly since decorating for Christmas is suppose to be a family deal so of course I wanted pictures with my boys... as you can see Mike was impatient and irritated cause I took him away from MY phone... Mom said "welcome to marriage!"

And Remmi well he just wanted to eat my braid! this shows his true character...

Well I hope you're all enjoyin the snow back home... we're wishing we could trade this wonderful now 60 mph winds in for some snow :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

its a wonderful life.

it is wonderful but also very, very cold. welcome to winter in Casper, Wyoming. its snowed on us multiple times now while it doesn't last long before the snow blows it away. the average temp is right around 20 degrees, while yesterday the temp was a warm 8 degrees up on Casper Mtn (ten minutes from our park)luckily we've managed to stay warm, well inside the trailer. my morning walks are another story, i've actually picked up jogging again just to stay warm, tired Rem out faster, and get back to my morning cup of hot chocolate next to the fire.

surprisingly we've been pretty busy! Mike is now working 6 9s, weird i know. we never thought we'd say this but we actually don't want to move until after the holidays... this will be our first thanksgiving totally alone. which of course is bittersweet, it'll be interesting to see if i can pull off a thanksgiving dinner in the trailer! Mike is also getting a ton of hot time, if we stay here he should have all of his hot time completed. Christmas present in itself right there! i've been staying busy with my new yoga classes, a few extra classes-i took the shake your bon bon candy class, so fun and next saturday i'm taking a bread making class! i've also been busy with crafting and slowly putting the nursery together... we got a big area rug for back there and we ordered the crib, it should be here in 2 weeks. of course it'll be bare until we come home from Christmas- we sent the bedding set to my parents just in case of a move. I posted the button tree on facebook, i'm so happy with how it turned out! i can't wait to add our baby's name too it :) i finally decided what to do with the other canvas... i'm no artist but i'm pretty impressed with my painting...

this is hanging over the guest bed... i love it because of course we know our baby is God's special blessing to us but i walked down the aisle to this song :)

we also had this big, awkward metal thing in the nursery... it must have been used to hold gas cans, tools, or whatever none baby stuff you keep in a garage.

SO after much chit chatting with fellow crafters we decided to do this...mike was able to pull it off the wall, we spray painted it, bought some foam and covered it in baby print :)

its so nice to finally get into a routine again and finally start feeling like Casper is our home for the time being... although fingers still crossed in Jan we get moved a little closer to home, we'd really like our baby to not be born in Wyoming...

love our little family :)happy monday everyone! oh also today starts week 16 for our little huckleberry... we have another appointment next monday!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ups and Downs... No, just Ups!

i know i've been a little pathetic lately, okay kinda alot... i'd say for good reason but no really. its just been rough lately being so far away, missing out on things i was the one planning last year. plus it doesn't help my emotions are on total overdrive! ick! i've been really, really sick lately. a few dumb medical/pregnancy things that aren't a big deal but really left me feeling down. i'm finally past all that stuff and slowly starting to feel like a real person again. i've come to accept throwing up is just going to happen every day and i'll probably be that pregnant gal that is sick all the way through. yah i've thrown up on more side roads pregnant than drunk. awesome.

so let all this drag me deeper into hating life here or buck up and look around and know i am very lucky? i think we know where this is going... i thank God that i have a few very special people who haven't forgotten about me just because i moved. my mom obviously has been a HUGE help is pushing me through. i really don't know what i would do without her kinda knocking me in the head telling me hello daughter you're being a brat. stop. =) thanks ma. and of course i have some pretty awesome best friends, who i miss terribly. each who have very, very busy lives of their own. full time students, jobs, long distances relationships of their own and yet they make time for me. whether its that simple 10 mins catch up on their way home from work, those few texts on their lunch breaks, or even flowers! (miss susan, you big sweetheart!) not to mention i was able to actually have face time with miss nicole! she brought a little sunshine to wyoming with her :)

i have so much to make me smile and be thankful for...

--i have an amazing husband who works way too many hours a day but will still come home and help me spray paint another silly project i wanted to do. Or have to spend the evening skirting the trailer and wrapping heat tape to make sure i'm warm. Or randomly decided we need a date night, i can pick the movie.

--linelife is hard.... but because of this suffering now we have insurance! such a huge deal! our bills are quickly disappearing. we were able to go pick out our perfect new house uhm trailer. we know mike will always have a job, yes he gets laid off but a job always opens up. we're able to see places we would probably never have gone to, true you'll never catch me in wyoming again but still ;-)

--i'm pregnant! with all this being sick and upset i've really forgotten why i'm sick! we're having a baby... in 6 short months we'll be holding our little boy or girl. that's pretty amazing in itself. we took Rem to the park yesterday (we're lame dog parents) we were sitting on the swings talking about what kinda of parents we want to be and Mike just stopped and said how cool is it to finally have this conversation and know you're actually pregnant?! pretty cool i'd say :)

-- family! oh gosh i could sit and brag about my family to anyone.... there are ALOT of you to brag about!! i love all the relationships we have. i love when mike gets a chance to visit with his brother or when Christopher calls and we put him on speaker phone and waste an hour talking about nothing really. we really are proud of you buddy... all of my cousins! how fun is it to know our babies will be the ones playing and running around at the family reunions in a few years?!

i am happy. life is hard but hell who's life isn't?! i guess that's why we try to be there for each other. everyone needs that shoulder and helping hand some days... so thank you, dear friends for my helping hand.

Monday, October 3, 2011

pushing through.

alright after not going to yoga for a few reasons, overwhelming sickness, missing yoga mat, and just the fact i'm a little too blue to see people today.... i finally went. although it was the wrong class it felt SO incredibly good to see familiar faces. to have one lady come up and give me a hug and ask how have you been?! thank you i needed that...

truth is i'm not all that great right now. after feeling pumped up and finally social i decided okay casper what else do you have to offer me? i headed into a few craft stores to sign up for random classes. meh so i really don't care how to make cake flowers, oh well it'll give me a schedule and maybe meet some people! Oh you have to have 5 other people to sign up? awesome well thanks lady i know NO one in this damn town. sure i'll sign up and hope others decide to take it. right.

i'm tired of feeling so alone. if i get one more rude, resentful comment from a single mom i'm going to flip out! yes i am married, yes my pregnancy was planned. do you really want me to apoligize for it?! just because i have a husband who's excited for this doesn't mean its not hard. yes i won't have to swap holidays or go to parent teacher conferences alone. but what that means i'm not aloud to be apart of groups or be friends who other moms cause they're "single?" gee thanks. honestly mike has been great but yesterday as i was gaging over the sink because hamburger struck a nerve and he thought it was funny to say Cayla, really? you're still sick? thanks yes i am! pregnancy is pregnancy. i'm going to be raising babies just like you, our kids will most likely play on the same teams, some will even share classes... so i guess when my baby comes home from school crying because some other child was picking on him. i'll give that credit back to you. learn how to have some compassion ladies. all situations are different. i plan on teaching my baby that and being a role model to it.

this lifestyle isn't easy. it is actually really hard. i am thankful that i don't have to work and get to see mike everyday but i miss home. i miss my monday night gossip girl eating whatever food we can find in my apartment. i miss random coffee dates where we'd loose track of time. i miss movie nights where we'd have more people than chairs. i miss jam runs. i miss my family. i miss my friends. some days i really miss that life but this is my life now. i love it most days and those few rough days are when i need family and friends the most. i can't wait for the day i get to announce we're coming home! until than i'll be here supporting my husband in his journey and right now that's my most important job and i'm proud of it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things...

--sunday morning walks with my boys, discussing what our baby will look like, sports they'll play, that property we want back home, that dream house we'll one day have, and of course that time in our life where we'll sit on our front porch on our rockers discussing how cold that winter in wyoming was ;-)
--daily talks with mom. you think i can talk? have a chat with that woman
--farmers markets. picking out my favorite fresh fruits? count me in.
--great yoga sessions. the ones where you walk away feeling like youre a pretzel
--snuggling in bed watching Grease, even though he hates it and than catching him singing along with my Grease cd on our next road trip
--cooking dinner and being told its his new favorite food
--paying bills. i love seeing debt go down and savings go up.
--going on junk food trips. grabbing kit kats, skittles, popcorn, caramel popcorn, cookies and pigging out on all it.
--texts from best friends saying i love you. those mean more than you'll ever know.
--learning a new crochet pattern and actually accomplishing it.
--getting a "reminder" that my first doctor appointment is in a week, shows that others are just as excited for us.
--going on drives in the truck playing our favorite old songs
--decorating for fall
--huckleberry competitions with dad, even though he always picks more than me
--changing the scentsy smell
--taking long baths... this is the only reason i drive 9 hours to go to class =) okay this is my new favorite pass time. pictures and planning, its great.
--new pair of boots. cowgirl boots go with everything.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

move it like a cyclone? :-)

i'm finally putting pictures of our new home! yay! sorry for those who really don't care but the pictures are pretty boring and detailed. we have family who wanna see and i have one nosy mama ;-) oh and you can tell i also have a nosy puppy... can you spot him in the pictures?!

its pouring down rain otherwise i would have taken better pictures from the outside but please spare me... the morning walk was wet as it was! here's the details though... its a 2007 heartland cyclone. it is a 5th wheel toy hauler with two slides (the bed and the couch/table).

Here's our nice new king sized bed. i will never go back now lol i love having mike and remmi in bed but never even know =) plus i loved shopping for new bedsets.

Here's the view from our bed... we finally have a tv in our room and hello cable =) we'll eventually hook dish up but for now i'm happy with my scratchy 5 channels... also its really nice to have a built in dresser so we can put the other one in the back for baby. also notice the closet! hello space for more clothes!

this is probably the only thing i would change is to have the bathroom one room but since its just the two of us we'll live... the nice thing about this sink compared to the last though is its out of the way plus the mirror opens up for more storage!

yay! we can finally shower in our trailer! the last one had a stupid half bath thing so we just used it for storage. its so nice to be able to use this one now...

heres the couch... this is the first thing you see you when you open the door... the second tv is above the door so its nice and cozy to sit and watch movies all day right here =)

just another trailer table...

i was a little worried about the cupboards being sideways and how we were going to keep it organized but i actually love this. everything has its own shelf!

this is probably my favorite part. i love baking and now i have enough counter space to set my kitchen aid and kind of spread out. i know it doesn't look like much space for you "privledged house people" but trust me it is!

here's the view from the garage =)

and here's christopher's bed up above. lemme tell you that is probably the hardest bed i've ever had to make... christopher will probably love it. for being such a big guy he sure like cozy spots =) also its kinda bulky and i don't really like having the kennel inside but it sure has made a difference in kennel training remmi. he's starting to like it more and more! thank goodness!

and here is the garage part of the trailer that we're turning into the nursery! we have this bed and actually another bed comes down over this one to make bunk beds but we're leaving the other one up. for now we're also moving this bed up so make can use this for work clothes and taking off muddy boots...

this is the dresser we had in the other one that is currently empty but i'm sure will be full of baby clothes here soon! =)

our plan is to put the crib in this general area... now grandmas and great grandmas don't freak out. we will be moving the rifle and dog food and carpeting this area. you guys know me better than this =) i still have 7 months to make the rough edges soft =)

and lastly the door! lol no remmi just looked too cute he needed his own picture... who would guess that this sweet devil has been giving me a run for my money!

well there ya go! a look inside the mcbride trailer house. we're so happy it finally worked out and we have a nice large place to raise remmi and soon baby mcbride =)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i was made for this.

i'm currently back home in idaho enjoying some good, quality time with family and friends. its been so fun wandering stores and looking at baby things with mom knowing i'm actually "aloud" to look at this now. i've been busy reading my "what to expect now that you're expecting" and man i didn't know anything... but i have come to the conclusion that i'm just built to be pregnant!
-all those hours i spent praying to the boob gods to at least get me out of my sports bra, well thanks for listening 7 years later! and as grandma cinderelle keeps saying enjoy them now before they turn into flat pancakes! gosh am i ever gonna win?!
-this constant queasy feeling? i've been preparing for this part every friday and saturday night for the last year. hung over much?!
-exhaustion? yup i sleep more than my 19 year old brother who doesn't get up before noon (and thats early!)
-remembering those giant, horse sized prenatal pills? piece o cake! i'm a creature of habit. oats and a glass of milk with those horse pills? yes please!
-constant nagging hunger pains? i'm a foodie so i love this part. greatest part of being home... hello jamms! you've never tasted SO good!
-oh those lovely, spontanious crying fits? oh yah love em.... i've never been a huge crier but guess its good for me? ugh no i hate this part. i cry over songs, pictures, nice text messages, fb comments? come one!

truth is, i love being pregnant. i've know for almost 2 weeks now but it feels so much longer. i've grown so attached to this little baby already... by the way my baby is currently the size of a few poppyseeds and its growing arms. creepy much? good thing mama loves you! =)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

pregnant =)

whelp cats outta the bag and all over facebook now... mike and i are pregnant! well as Ash put it i'm pregnant and mikes just the lucky bastard ;-)just barely pregnant like we went off birth control 7 weeks ago. i had a period (i know ew yuck!) but it was a very light 2 day one... so i'm thinkin i'm right around 6 weeks pregnant now. we've been talking about babies steadily for awile now but when i came home we looked up my ovulation cycle and we were gonna get serious about it! no need in the house i guess! i don't really know why i even bought a test i'm suppose to start this week so i honestly did not think it would turn out positive! i had to go get sweet potatoes and just thought what the heck and picked one up. i took the test right when i got home and wham 10 seconds later 2 pink lines were popping up! at this point my mind is BLANK so i took the other 2 while freakin out on the phone with mom cause i couldn't pee again! but just like that the other 4 pink lines were very obvious and there's no denying i'm preggors =)

i really wanted to tell mike in a super cute way but lets face it. i saw the truck grabbed the sticks and jumped! mike was speechless but slowly the big shit eatin grin took over and my heart stopped. i've been looking forward to this moment forever just being able to tell him the news and it was even better in person =)

needless to say all sets of parents are very, very excited! pretty much everyone knew it was coming. i even had a 3 people say oh iknew you were i just didn't want to freak you out! what!? lol im also pleased to say i only got asked once if i was going to "take care of it" i kindly said no i'm married, it was planned you can kindly f off now. gotta love the one jealous ex. ugh. we've gotten a ton of questions too so i'll just spell it all out here...

-are we excited? HELL YES WE ARE!!!

-was it planned? yes and no. like i said we got off birth control thinking it would take a few months to get it outta my system... or 1 week?

-when am i due? whelp since i am just a freak and took the test way before i should even know i don't get to go to the doctors for oh about 6 weeks =( so for now i'm stickin with aprilish

-when are we moving back home? we're not. this is part of our "plan" mike has another yearish left of the apprenticeship and there's no way i'm giving up this fab life we've started. so we'll be back home in probably 2-3 years. we want to travel after mike gets his golden ticket. we're still getting ournew trailer probably the end of september. it has another back bedroom for a crib and everything! trailer baby!

-do we want a boy or girl? its weird i'm still getting used to the fact i'm PREGNANT! i really don't care either way. mike says he wants a boy(go figure) so guess we'll wait and see!

i'm really nervous, anxious and just really want to go see a doctor or nurse now. i feel like i have no many questions! am i for sure pregnant? i am excited but wowsa that was fast. can i run still? i'm not an intense 5 mile runner but would like to continue my little jogging... are these the only prenatals i need? cause these horse pills are gonna be a pain, a choking pain. yoga i know its good for me but can do i need to wait for the baby to be i dunno bigger? i don't wanna work on the splits and something bad happen! oh my gosh i'm freakin out! i just don't want to do anything wrong and something happen. i know i'll probably be fine. i'll just keep praying and play it safe? ugh... i think i'll be makin phone calls today ;-)

happy thursday all! =)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fam Reunion

alright so since i've been back in idaho i've been a bit of a slacker but i think alls forgiven conisder i've been with most of you who read this ;-)

the drive home wasn't hard at all. remmi bean slept the whole way and sang along with me, my singing must sound like howling to him? we spent a few days here in town than headed up to the family reunion up past moyie. im one blessed lady because not only did i get to enjoy my mom's side of the family, my grandma schenck came up with more of the schenck side. how many people get to say both sides "hang out" together?! its wonderful.

i know i don't have to go into too many details of the reunion because lets face it 95% of who reads this is family... the reunion was a total blast. i've always loved being around my family, even my earliest momeries are wonderful but there's something to be said about finally not feeling like one of the "younger" ones. i loved visiting with everyone and feeling like i had something of "value" to add. like how marriage is so hard and rewarding, talking about how it is to finally feel married, and of course babies! thats a given question around my family. if you're dating someone its when ya getting married? and if you're married its when are the babies comin in? i love it.

even though i don't work and really don't have alot of stress in my life, i felt totally completly relaxed. like i didn't have a care in the world. the only thing missing was of course my husband. mike wasn't able to come this year but next year its not even a question. but i have to say it made me feel great and him wheni told him how much he was missed. growing up i've always wanted my boyfriend to be apart of the family and mike is no exception. i swear my parents have taken his side more than mine anyways. and if christopher had a choice he would trade me in for mike "his big brother". its such a wonderful feeling.

my days went like this: a little 4 wheeler ride to pick huckleberries, breakfast, pack our day bag, drinks, snack and head to the lake where we would spend the next oh 6 hrs laying on tubs laughing. i don't think i've ever laughed so much and so often. we would head back to camp and have shower/spicket time. which was by far my favorite time. mostly it was mom amy and i would gather up our shower gel, shampoos and combs to the spicket where in between gasping because of the cold water and laughing our heads off we would feel clean. (well in camping terms, decent feeling) the whole family would gather around for dinner and visit more and really enjoy each other company. i feel like camping with the family was the perfect way to have a reunion. everyone was able to be theirselves in their smelly, no shower, no make up kinda way =)

i love seeing everyone's posts about how great it was and how we can't wait for next year because its the truth! next year will be even better too =)

i leave monday to head back to my trailer life. i know some people have gave their opinions about me missing my 1st wedding anniversary (SUNDAY!!) its hard knowing i won't be there but its okay. i want/need to be here for Jocey's 1st birthday party. i was having some very hard feelings about going home but thankfully i did marry mike who knows me better than anyone and said exactly the perfect thing to help me make my decision. So cda i'm here until monday with no regrets and no hard feelings back home. although now my charming husband has taken pleasure in torturing me with some surprise... crap!

speakin of trailer life i will now be going home to a new car! yay, right? ha no.... mike and landon (apprentice/trailer park pal) bought a flippin race car. ugh its trashy but i got to pick the colors! yellow and limegreen haha guess well see!!

sorry no pictures this time.... all reunion pics are on my fb and i'll post pics of the race car later! =) xo

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

random events in the mcbride's trailer life.

although nothing super dramatic has happened lately i though i would at least update about the little things going on with us =)sorry for no pictures i haven't been very good lately!

- linemans rodeo was last weekend. mike and landon had to work half a day on friday so dustin got to be my shopping buddy. admit it dustin you loved it ;) we loaded up the truck and headed the 8 hr drive to cacasde montana. ick. luckily we had good tunes and lil bottles to keep us entertained. of course mike wasn't too thrilled with our unlimited potty stops we had fun. mike did great competing but unfortuantly during speed climb he cracked his egg so he didn't place. he's bummed and being way too hard on himself but i'm proud of him. i'm proud of all the boys for doin great! we were pretty anxious to get back home sunday. we left remmi in a kennel for the weekend and had to be there by 5. i was driving because the boys were either still drunk or way too hungover to drive. it was a nice quiet drive filled with my rockin chick tunes. but i got a little turned around and ended up driving the opposite way for about 2 hours =( luckily we made it just in time to pick rem up!

- Jim and Dina, my wonderful in-laws stopped by last night. they're doin a little road trip through yellowstone and made a day out of coming to visit us! and let me tell you boy did i need that! i've been craving some real conversations and it was so nice to have to here. we took them around our little town of casper and twice i caught myself having a little pride of this town and i've been here for oh 4 weeks? lol oh well i love it.

- we have our kid rock concert this friday and we're both getting super excited! the concert is in cheynne which is about two hours from here so we're boarding remmi for the night (luckily our pup is very social and doesn't seem to upset to be there!) since i'm boarding him i'm taking this opportunity to go shopping, finally! although i really, really wish i had my mom or one of my best frans to shop with. Sam and Ash you know how terrible a shopper i am! i talk myself out of everything. there are a few cute shops here so hopefully i can find some outfits to wear for robs bridal shower and jocey's birthday =)

- other than the little things going on i've just been keepin myself busy. i'm almost running the whole trail now which is really excited for me. im in full swing at yoga and i swear i fall more in love with it after every class. im turnin into a cookin machine. i have learned so many new recipes and haven't had a flop yet! plus i'm learning how to bake but healthy bake. which is excellent cause thats my favorite part of cooking. can't wait for the holidays, mikes crew and the trailer park are gonna be living in baked goods ;)

- warning: way too mushy section! mike and i are doing great. i am probably more surprised than anyone to find myself loving this trailer lifestyle. i finally feel 100% happy. although we've been married almost a year, we haven't been acting like even couple let alone a married couple. these past 4 weeks have been the best of our relationship. we're learning so much about each other. we're finally living our life together. i have finally realized how incredibly lucky i am so be here and married to such an incredible man. i used to recent this stupid job thinkin he picked it over me but in reality he's been doing this all along for us, our future. i guess it took me dragging our relationship through hell and pushing it to the edge but i know fully see how blessed i am to be sitting in our home and married to my husband. its been a rough road and i know it hasn't been easy on the people around us and for that im sorry but thank you for believing in us when we couldn't.

- and lastly (after i just got done saying i'm proud of casper, wyoming) the first recorded case of west nile just turned up in no where else but here! yay! here's to flyin, blood sucking mosquitos! eeek!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

always somethin goin on in the trailer hood.

alrighty who's ready to see our second home, the use to be bach pad... everyone keeps asking me how it is to live in a trailer. well i love it. i love the simple life we've managed to make in it. its cozy and super easy to keep clean! my biggest stress was it was going to feel cluttered but with my amazing organizing/cleanin skills i haven't felt that was once.

but as much as i love our trailer we need an upgrade. its great for the summers but it won't keep us warm once the snow flies. our first thought lets try to find an apartment here in casper. rumor has it this job is suppose to last until january. but as most of you have noticed my life changes in the drop of a hat! besides with an apartment comes the stress of moving furniture, which we have none of. so than we'd have to find a furnished one and that grosses me out. we have thought of every situation, angle, blah blah blah so the most reasonable option: upgrade the trailer. mike wants to get a big 40ft 5th wheel toy hauler. me? i feel in love with the 24ft bumper pull trailer. okay compromise. we're not on the hunt for a 30ft bumper pull toy hauler! we've found a few and i'm so stinkin excited! we're hoping to still pay off some things before we do this so we're thinkin sept or oct... i don't like the idea of getting more debt but like mike said its our home it needs to be perfect, seeing how i'll probably be living in it for at least another year.

anyways thats the trailer situation. so for now please enjoy the pictures of my current, humble little house =)

our yard.

kitchen/dining table. yes i have managed to cook in the tiny oven! i baked cookies yesterday. took me forever but i got er done!

dresser and tv (as if sitting on the couch)

couch =) a little old school.

our bedroom.

bathroom sink. prob the main reason i hate getting ready theres no damn room ha good thing i'm low maintence! (bathroom is in a door behind this but who cares about that part!)

so thats the house part of it.
so how am i adjusting to the great move? excellent. i feel the happiest i've been with myself and my marriage. yes i get extremly loney during the days but between the little things i plan throughout the day it goes fast! i spend too much time on the phone. went over my mintues already woopsie. mike and i are getting to experience more together than i ever thought. time is flyin by. this weekend is the linemans rodeo. and as most of you saw we won tickets for kid rock for next weekend. than after that i spend a week and head home for 2 weeks. i am so stinkin excited to go visit. the family reunion is going to be a blast and of course seeing my friends. but i'm already homesick thinkin about leaving mike. i love the life we've created here, together.