Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tramp Wife

As much as I would like to say I knew this was coming and was prepared, I can't. Being a "tramp wife" means that my lineman travels... he goes where the work is and if we're lucky we get home within a 3 hour radius and home on the weekends.

The last 8 months we've really lucked out. Mike has been home every single night since April. Most of the time he wasn't home until 8pm but I still got a good night kiss and the kids got a story read to them every night.

We knew the chances of him staying local were pretty slim this year so we've made the decision to send Mike to California until work picks back up here. There are a few smaller jobs here and there throughout the winter but we don't want to get ourselves into a position this late in the year. We've really buckled down the last two years and are so close to being completely debt free except for the house so a few months down in Cali, making the "big bucks" will put us there... than next winter if Mike's job ends we can ride out the no work. Enjoy a few Winter months here without the stress of bills and loans. It will be SO nice but until than we have to do this.

We don't know exactly when Mike will be heading south but it will be in November. We lucked out again with Mike's current company, ILB, sending him down to California to work after his crew finishes up the job here. Mike won't need to sign the books and wait for a call this time. Mike is currently in some foreman training this week so we're hoping that means ILB is grooming him to come back and push a crew close to home.

All in all we're in a really good position with so many unknowns happening, but hell unknown is the line life way.

We haven't done distance since before I went on the road almost 5 years ago. I'm sad. I'm sad for the kids, I'm sad for Mike and I'm sad for myself. The differences are huge this round though. I'm not afraid to call up girlfriends and say I'm lonely- come keep me company or I need a night out, lets get sitters!  We're stronger. We've pushed our marriage to breaking points and came out on top. We have come a long ways in our communication and we have face time this time! We talked about us going with Mike, but it would be silly. Mike will be working insane hours, our trailer is not meant for 4 people and a dog to live in, Wesson has preschool and its only a few months. The kids and I will make a few trips down to visit daddy. Plus mom already mentioned that she'll take the monsters for a weekend so I can escape and have a weekend on our own ;) no backing out now mom!!

We're thinking we have roughly 4 weeks left so until than we'll be collecting more memories, smashing our to do lists, going on adventures and spending time just us before the hardest good bye gets here.

Our Current To Do List:
  • freezer meals
  • stock up the trailer with groceries
  • clean out the trailer (we've been camping all summer!)
  • winterize the four wheeler
  • st maries trip
  • update family photos in trailer
  • finish financial peace university dvds
  • go camping one last time
  • get quarters (haha Mike has to do his own laundry again :))
  • gather tramp bag, tools etc
  • get storm bag ready (never know and Mike sucks at last min packing!!)
  • date night
  • oil change, rotate tires and deep clean truck
  • oil change, rotate tires and deep clean car to be put away
  • fix kitchen sink
  • relax :) :)