Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Normal is Weird

Wow I've been slacking majorly on my blogging duties.

We are officially settled in our cute, little place complete with two bathrooms, three bedrooms, a big enough back yard for crazy Remmi to run and Wesson to get pulled around in the wagon, a full sized kitchen with normal sized appliances- I have a garbage disposal!! and lastly, this momma's favorite- my own washer and dryer set! seriously I'm living the dream.
Our home :) I'll post more, as I get more situated. Turns out organizing with a 14 month old is crazy hard.
Dog's life.

Its been almost two months that we've been back home and each day it still takes a minute to hit me that we're home.

We have play dates, go on hikes, have yogurt dates, dinner dates, I'm busy helping plan two weddings, we're visiting old friends and making new ones, we go on walks around our neighborhood and go swinging at the park, we have friends over for fires & drinks, we go thrift shopping with grandma, we have dance parties in the living room, we get to actually use our 4 wheeler (which we just paid off! 3 titles down, 2 to go!!)

1st time hiking Mineral Ridge
favorite guys on their archery shoot last weekend.
We're living a normal life. Well a normal tramp lineman's life. We stay busy through the week but we love Thursday  nights when the handsome man in our life walks through the door...

Normal is really strange through. Its amazing we moved away two years ago and now I'm home. I love that my friendships lasted and picked right back up. It is awkward running into people that I used to have relationships with and as time went by kinda faded... I forget that some people haven't left and still hold onto the past.

All I can say about that is, it's done. The past few years have reeeeally let me work through some personal issues and let me, just let go. We have all been young and mean. We've all been hurt and hurt others. We've been friends, moved on and became friends again. I've always believed that God gives you people that you need in your life at that moment. That couldn't be more true. It hurts when people's lives drift, especially when you spent every Monday catching up. I guess what I'm trying to say is life is tough. We all have challenges. The thing about moving back to the town where I graduated and went through some "growing up issues" is sometimes even though I moved away and lets just say... moved on? some people hold onto things and if that's you and you're reading this I'm sorry.

I'm a different person than I used to be. I'm a better wife, better friend and now I'm a dang good mom. I love the woman I am now. I'm not a 20 year old, selfish jerk who took every. little. thing. to heart. I burned a few bridges because I thought people should be friends like I was (or thought I was) and I dove whole heartily into "defending" what I thought was right, when really what place did I even have? Wow did I just posted that?! haha yeah I know a few people who are probably shouting "amen, you bitch" right about now. Good thing I deleted fb and now my followers probably disappeared so I probably don't have to worry about that ;)

Anyways I guess what I'm trying to say is. I'm here and trying to find a new balance without loosing what I found living in trailer park isolation. Its a pretty damn good feeling when you finally like yourself again. When you aren't worrying about every thing and finally just living life. I'm happy. I'm excited to continue to grow and develop more, find our place in this town again.

view from a journeyman lineman.

And the happiest birthday wishes go to my amazing husband. Mike works his ass off every single day to provide for us and follow his dream. He has selflessly stuck by my craziness over the years and has never once made me feel bad for who I am. Mike is my best friend and I can never thank God enough for giving me such a patient, kind man to call my husband. Happy birthday babes, I'll see you tomorrow night....<3


Monday, June 3, 2013

Omak, WA

Good evenin, ole sport! -Great Gatsby anyone? Was one of my favorite books in high school, now one of my most favorite movies. I want the DVD, like now.

my new view.
Anyways so Friday we took off to get Mike set up in his new town before he started his first official job as a journeyman lineman!

The weekend was exactly what we needed. Between moving 18 hours home, trading in trailers, moving all my crap out into the storage unit, lots of friends & family visiting time and trying to find a place for us to live in a few days time we needed a break.

We rolled into Omak, WA early afternoon. We weren't exactly sure where he could be working so we didn't look up places and just planned on figuring it out once we got there. We went into the visiting center to ask a few questions and ended up staying at the fair grounds where they hold the "suicide stampead" Okay quick sidebar. The stampeed is a horrifying event where cowboys race horses down this steep mtn, across the river and into the stadium. Crazy! The mountain was huge and we've already decided if Mike is still working in the area we will have to check it out! :)

Daddy's helper. such a boy!
haha much tighter spaces but it fits!

The fairground park wasn't a bad place but you could only stay there for 8 nights. Plus I think Mike would get tired of all the retired travelers coming over to visit. We ended up moving him out to Riverside, a few miles outside of Omak to a very remote park. Luckily two other guys are staying there to keep Mike company since service isn't the best.

Saturday morning we went to Tonasket, Justins (one of the lineman from Alamo) hometown. His wife had seen we were on our way out there and told us about their local founders parade. It worked out perfectly. Its always nice to meet other linewives along this journey. We wish Marah and her girls good luck as their start their tramp life! :)

Besides the parade, we all napped and played too much candy crash, we decided Sunday we needed to get out and find a hike. We took off to Coconully Lake to try to find a hike to try out our new hiking back pack.

We made it out there and it was such beautiful area. It reminded us so much of home, which is a major plus for Mike. We asked around for an easy hike and we got sent to an area but we both couldn't find where the lady was meaning for us for go so decided on a little trail that ended up not being a trail at all. All in all we probably walked only 1.5 miles before we took shelter in the truck while it down poured on us.

After our little adventure we headed back to Omak to load the trailer up and move it to Riverside. It really is such a beautiful area! It was sad saying bye this morning and leaving Mike. I've spent the last 2 years being home every day, listening to Mike's day and now we barely have service. We know this really is the best decision but I forgot how sad it is. I'll definatly be looking forward to Thursday nights!

Mike's view out the trailer

Although it was hard saying good bye I think Mike was ready to have a night to himself after getting this little section set up ;) TV, Xbox and oreos? yeah man dream!

Poltelco's newest journeyman :) he's so cute!