Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dirty Bits from a Linewife.

the books still haven't moved. shocker. i swear we think its not going to be a long lay off and it always is... although it has only been 3 weeks i'm aloud to panic a little. why? well i'm 28 weeks pregnant, living with my husband in my parents house of course we kinda feel like losers. we shouldn't and we know that but still this obviously was not in our plan. its temporary of course... we get laid off every year and we prepare for it. we have bills paid up until March so our unemployment checks are all extra and going into savings to prepare for our outrageous medical bill that we'll have to pay in a few months.... surprise having a baby is expensive!

i should be in my cozy trailer right now putting together Wesson's nursery, instead his crib set is sitting in a box in my old room.

we should be taking any and every birthing/baby class we can find to prep for this... not taking a CPR class here because we just want to learn a little! Mike just redid his CPR class in December and mine is still good until next year.

we should be arguing over different colors of car seat covers and how i think Wes really doesn't need another camo outfit but instead we're bickering over how sucky our situation is. lets face it Mikey becomes a bit of an ass when he's not working... dirty truth :)

i caved and found a studio here... i just finished my first prenatal yoga class tonight and of course loved it. the woman are all so sweet and encouraging and i already want to spend the rest of my pregnancy on a mat next to them...instead i'll be searching for another studio in a new state.

i'm getting way to used to having my morning visits face to face with my mom, going shopping around town together, and watching our silly shows together...

Mike and i should already have a developed relationship with the doctor who will be bringing our little boy into the world, instead i'm stressing about changing doctors for the third time...

when we get laid off Mike gets grouchy and i question everything. "well Mike if you didn't pick such a dumb career we'd be in our own house painting our nursery today!" yes low blow on my part. i don't mean it... i love my husbands job just as much as him. i'm so proud of his hard work and determination... it takes a very strong man to be a lineman. its just so rough to sit and wait for the phone to ring. i swear my heart stops every time his phone rings. i know how quickly we can get moved out of here but this is what i married into. after all who do ya think put his dumb ass through lineschool???

times like these is what really pushes us through... pushes Mike to work harder and get his hours in so we can move back home faster. i will be so incredibly grateful when we no longer have to worry about being laid off and he will come home every night... until that call we're just hanging out, we have wonderful parents who have taken us in and don't make us feel like too big of losers.

positive note? Mike and i have an amazing amount of patience build up. we're saving it for the teenage years :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

healthy, fit mama.

what normal sane person would start an 8 week challenge 25 weeks pregnant? oh me but i've never been one to turn down a challenge.

eating healthy and staying active hasn't always been on the top of my list but of course its on every one's mind. confession time: one of my first thoughts when we started discussing kids "am i ready to loose my body and gain all that weight?" selfish, cold and disheartening? i know. i'm not proud of those horrible thoughts that used to pop into my head, and occasionally sneak up still BUT i've gotten better. this pregnancy has been a mental battle but its also made me very aware of what i'm putting into my body to keep myself and Wesson healthy.

so back to this challenge. i can credit this craziness to non other than my crazy family and Pintrest (go figure!) yes it is technically a weight loss challenge but i will be sticking to the healthy side of it. here's a link to better explain it all...

my favorite part of course the print offs, we all know i like a little structure and hands on motivation so if i have to keep a food journal to earn my little sticker (yes i bought stickers for my charts) and am so excited bout it! :) the hardest part probably kicking the sweets but good thing Wesson craves Jamba Juice and beer.

i want lead by example for our kids...
-healthy snacks are tasty! (even though their dad still thinks ice cream and cake is perfectly fine for breakfast, lunch and dinner)
-i want us to always be able to chase our kids around the playground
-be able to sit for 3 hours on those uncomfortable bleachers cheering our kids on
-i will show Wesson yoga is okay for boys too (even if his dad makes fun of him!)

i'm so excited for April, rather end of April to be here. i'm so ready to hold my baby boy and get settled into our new routine. i know its going to be overwhelming at first. of course it is but i still have a year old puppy that needs attention too so we'll try to walk daily. obviously i'm shooting high with my routine but hey after all this is my baby he's going to love structure just as much as his mama does :)

Monday, January 2, 2012


2012: the year the world ends? naw the year life got a little bit more awesome.

i know everyone keeps saying "wow can't believe its 2012" well i'm going to put that on repeat and say it... HOLY COW its 2012! 2012, we've put it in everything. our emails, passwords, and even our garage code in our apartment. why? because its the year Mike is finished with the apprenticeship. yes that's right FINISHED!!
we've always known its going to be a huge, wonderful year and we're so incredibly ready to start it.

in true Cayla fashion i've created a few lists for the new year. i love resolutions and goals. typically i'm pretty great at keeping and conquering them. my last years resolutions were:
-stop texting and driving: bam! nailed that one. yes i text at stop lights but for the most part i've completely eliminated it.
-pay off student loan: we paid off the big one of the three. our original thought was i would still be working so that was a little difficult to completely finish.
-be the best friend i can be. with that said--- i'm done wasting time on friends who don't try back: alright this one is a little difficult to judge. based on my current relationships i'm about half and half :)

so for 2012:
my resolutions
-have a natural birth
-after baby arrives, be a healthy, fit mama! (i know typical right!)
-yoga. now this one is kinda a far fetched one given i'm going to have a new born here soon BUT shoot high right? i would really love to get certified as a yoga instructor for regular yoga, prenatal and baby yoga.
-i need to stop letting people get to me. i put a lot into my friendships and expect it back. i need to understand that others just don't think like me. i need to develop a thicker skin. besides i have an amazing husband, a healthy baby, a supportive family, and a few wonderful friends- why bother with people who aren't at the same point as us?

family resolutions
-stop cussing
-pay off 2nd half of loan, my ring and our four wheeler.
-get journeyman lineman's ticket by 2013
-Remmi needs to listen better ;)

so here we go.... welcome 2012. we're excited and nervous but ready! oh and by the way Happy 24 week Wesson. 6 months down!! :)