Tuesday, May 26, 2015

30 before 30

Some of you might remember my 25 before 25 bucket list. I managed to get most of them but when I wrote that list I don't think I really thought about some of the goals. Run a half marathon, yeah that probably wasn't going to happen given the fact that I'm alone with the kids and they can only stand hanging out in the stroller for 30 minutes before loosing their shit.

a few others I didn't get that have rolled over into my new bucket list 30 before 30! I turn 30 in approximately 3 years and 4 months. Plenty of time considering most my goals are big ticket items...

1.  grow our own garden
2. learn to make sushi
3.  start a successful monthly book club
4.  go to costa rica (finally take that honeymoon!!!)
5.  become completely debt free except for our house
6.  recycle
7.  completely organize and simplify our house
8.  paint the walls
9.  purchase rocking chairs for the front porch
10.  bake my own bread
11.  paint the front door
12.  volunteer
13.  join a church bible study
14.  have dinner parties
15.  start blogging again
16.  girls trip
17.  learn to make French macaroons
18.  go snow shoeing
19.  stay in a yurt on the Oregon Coast
20.  take a class at the college
21.  learn to do a head stand
22.  go paddle boarding
23.  complete the no spend challenge
24.  invest wisely- financially and personally
25.  own leopard flats
26.  send birthday cards
27.  play volleyball on the beach, in a bikini & feel confident
28.  run a 10k
29.  read a book with Mike
30.  turn 30 in style!

There ya have it. Even after re-reading my list I get excited at challenging myself and exploring and learning new things. I know most people think making bucket lists is a silly thing to do but I love doing them. I make lists and goals for everything... I think it pushes me to be a better person and helps me mold into the type of wife, mother, and woman I want to be.


whoa it's been quiet a while since I've blogged...

honestly I stopped because we moved home... I thought that life "at home" would be normal and who really wants to keep up with a normal, every day blog?

but I've missed it! and life is far from "normal" so I'm jumping back on board. Our life is busy, busy just like yours so bare with me while I get back into the swing of things!

I'm an open book and I miss sharing little tid bits about our every day. Plus in the last few months I've been getting asked "what happened next" Tramp lines wives have said this little blog gave them insight to how it would be at home.

Also start blogging is #15 on my 30 before 30 bucket list... yes I'll be sharing that too.

first thing first... a recap of the last year, I can't really remember where we left off so I'll just dive into the big stuff!

- we bought our house! we've lived a little over a year and love it. You'll be seeing more of the house soon. I have big plans and lots of projects that I'll be dragging you all one.

- we got pregnant, found out we were having a little girl and now baby Kimber is over 5 months old and just the sweetest little thing. I'm planning on doing a blog of her birth story soon.

-Wesson turned 3 and just keeps us on our toes. He is 100% all boy and loves going on bow shoots with Daddy

-and of course where is my lineman? over the past year Mike has been working mostly in Washington. He went on his first storm as a journeyman lineman (one week before we had Kimber, yeah that was fun...) He's never more than 3 hours from home and home every weekend. He's had a few months of 6 days a week but mostly 5s. Currently he is home EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. and it is wonderful. Is this what some families have daily?! crazy stuff.

So that's the big stuff. We're just enjoying being a family of 4.5 and living this beautiful life of ours. I'm excited to be sharing our journey in this next step of our life with you all, whoever you are ;)