Monday, August 20, 2012

from the mile high to the big sky

we made it! i'm sitting here at the lincoln rv park in helena montana. whoop! as i'm sitting here i'm amazed i'm sitll functioning, it was a rough trip!

mike didn't get home until way late on friday and it was close to 9 o'clock before we were able to finally get on the road. wesson had been sleeping in his crib since 7 so i figured it'd be an easy transition to get him into the car seat. wrong. i think the 16 hour drive mom and i made ruined him because he screamed the entire four hours we managed to make it. we stayed the night at our old stomping grounds, Casper Wy.

we got up fairly early and hit the road for another 2 hours of screaming. i couldn't take it anymore and pawned him off on mike. remmi also didn't want to ride with me so for the next 4 hours from billings to helena was like a mini vacation for me! probably the only time you'll hear me say i am actually thankful for riding separately! i stopped and picked up a coffee, put in my eric church cd and truely enjoyed my mommy time... except the texts i was getting every half hour..."i can't stand it anymore" "i'm going to give him to the next gas station attendant" "where are you?!" haha well babes i don't text and drive ;)

we finally pulled into helena around 4 saturday evening, put wes in his crib, remmi on his long line, and got out two much needed beers and went to work setting up. this park is the nicest we've ever lived in. we have GRASS people! it also came with a sturdy picnic table, we usually have to go steal one from another site lol hey gotta make it homey right?!

mike is only working 4 10's this week which will be so nice! i can't wait to explore our new place together. even though we've been here so many weekends for class we never got to enjoy helena together. he's never even been to readers alley! so friday will be our day to do the most touristy things...

 my view for some of the time... so pretty ;)

my view out of the trailer... beautiful!

hope everyone had a great weekend! :) oh another perk i'm loving so far... there is a nicely paved running path right outside our trailer park! score! plus running this morning was so enjoyable without feeling the elevation pressure! wahoo!! i may make it to this 5k after all!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rockies Baseball & Montana

needless to say this week was been a little wild... it may only be wednesday but monday and tuesday kept us on our toes! as i mentioned last week we were getting transferred... what i didn't mention was it was probably going to be in september. instead monday turned into we're moving. we're moving friday. we're moving to MONTANA!!! yippeee! in case you don't remember a year and a half ago when i first agreed to go on the road i was planning on moving to the Helena area. next it got all twisted and i ended up in wyoming. very different places. at the time i was devastated but everything works out for a reason and i truly believe wyoming saved our marriage. i know it sounds crazy as i type it.

our plan now: mike has to be in helena monday morning... we're planning on leaving friday night once mike gets off. we're hoping to be on the road by 9pm. our boys do better in the rigs at night so hopefully we can make it in a straight stretch. to helena its about a 10ish hour drive... 9 hours for me 11 hours for mike hauling our house. good thing about dragging our house around is we can stop wherever and get a few hours of sleep. they told mike we might make you work the week out in helena and than move you to bozeman or after monday we might just send you straight to bozeman.... okay thanks. awh the life of a tramp lineman. either way we're ecstatic! we're a little over 5 hours from home. 2 hours away from my family. perfect. it would be ideal if we stayed in montana until mike could test out, that way i could drive back and forth and oh i our first house!! :) woohoo. but we have faith and trust that everything happens for a reason. we have each other and our boys... we're pretty happy where ever, just extra happy in idaho's neighbor state.

the only downfall to moving this quickly is i am no longer able to make it to vegas to help celebrate my best friends marriage :( i am so bummed but will be thinking of them lots and lots. positive though we'll be close enough to come home for their wedding reception party whenever they decide! we love you guys so much and wish we could be there!!

yesterday was our second anniversary. i can honestly say our 2nd was WAY better than our first. whoever said the first year was still in the honeymoon stage must have been drunk the first year... after visiting with a few other wives we all agree, year 1 is the "lets argue about everything while we attempt to figure out this marriage business"... yeah that's about right.

we went to the Colorado Rockies baseball game last night and it was so fun! mike bought great seats... we were in row 6 right behind 1st base. unfortunately we only got to enjoy those seats for the first 2 innings. the game didn't start until almost 7 (which is wesson's bedtime) so we knew we'd be pushing him a little bit and were prepared for him to be fussy.... but we weren't prepared for him to be screaming. so we camped out in row 26 away from the crowd. it was a fun experience though... another event to cross off our colorado list!

the traditional gift for the second anniversary is cotton... notice mike's new lineman hat (35% cotton) and my sweet rockies tee (65% cotton) 3rd anniversay is leather... hahaha wonder what we'll come up with. any ideas 50 shades of grey fans?! ;)

here's our pictures from last night... stay tuned to see if we actually make it to montana.... thank you again for all of your support and happy anniversaries!! :) we love you and appreciate your prayers on our journey!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

happy august!

whoa i just looked at the date and was a little shocked its already august 11th!

i thought july was a busy month for us but looks like august is already shaping up to be pretty eventful.... my two weeks home was filled with highs and lows. i did go out with some friends and proved to be that annoying mom who whips out her phone to show off her baby boy, oh well. my time spent in cda showed me that i don't really belong there anymore well at least not without my other half. it was really difficult doing the things that mike and i love without mike.

the family reunion was also filled with highs and lows. tent camping with a 3 month old was interesting. luckily wes was just born to camp so he was perfect the whole time plus i was set up right next to mom and dad in their trailer... thanks again Dad for hauling all that water so your grandson could bath twice a day!! our week was filled with LOTS of family, 4 wheeling, hiking and river time. it was fun but way different from my drunken, relaxed lake trip last year. i was the over paranoid mom when it came to night time though... yes i did wake my mom up one night because of the coyotes. quick disclaimer: i've been camping my entire life. i love the sound of coyotes. i however do NOT love the sound of coyotes while in a tent with my baby after hearing horrible stories from DAN and CONNIE about dingos eating babies. yes i am a 22 year old wimp who made her mom sleep with her...

now that we're back home in brighton, things were finally getting settled in until last wednesday. Mike's GF got the call that mike is getting transferred... here's the facts as of right now:

-we're getting moved
-we will be moving to either somewhere else in colorado, wyoming, montana, or utah
-we should know when and where sometime monday
-yes i'm freaking out.

i'm freaking out for a few reasons....
 1) i'm leaving august 31st on a little plane from denver to las vegas (brandy & mike are finally getting hitched!!!) my little aircraft only flies out of denver and is non refundable. go figure. i can't do anything about it right now because we have no idea where i'll be. stay tuned for more on that.
2) i'm so excited to move! brighton has proved to be less than great. our park is pretty trashy and i'm ready for a change of scenery.
3) wesson has his 4 month check up in 3 weeks. so i'll have to quickly settle in and search out a good ped asap.

i'll be much more relaxed after monday when hopefully we'll know some answers but until than i'm trying to get out home travel ready! and i'll be very relaxed come tuesday-- our TWO year anniversary!! mike is planning on getting off work a little early and we'll be spending the evening at the Rockies baseball stadium enjoying America's favorite pass time :) i'm so excited!! pictures to come!