Monday, August 30, 2010

livin the life of a linemans wife...

alrighty so here we go with my first blog! woohoo!

i feel super cheesy right now but i'm gonna work with it... my name is Cayla... McBride :) i married my high school sweet heart a whole 2 weeks ago! he is currently living in Trinidad Colorado working on his steps. he is an apprentice powerlineman. for those who don't know what that is (i didn't before mike) he is the one who climbs the poles to give us all power! there are 7 steps in his apprentice he is currently about to become a 3rd step. he is working for mountain states and he travels whereever they send him...we bought a camp trailer last year that he gets to live in. his humble home. he has worked in southern idaho, wyoming, montana, utah, nebraska, kinda south dakota and now colorado. oh and we have a deal whatever major city he works in he has to buy me a t shirt, which is why i have so many random shirts! what he doesn't know is i'm planning on making him a quilt with all the shirts when he is ready to top out. i know aren't i cute ha! we have about a year and half to two years left of the whole traveling and than he gets to come home to good old cda and we can start our family :)

i get asked all the time why i don't go with him... well folks its because i have a life too. i love him more than anything but i am worthless to him if i don't have any pride or self worth myself. so i will support him from afar as he supports me in starting my career. i'm about 2 months away from starting my "apprenticeship" my intern for my dental assisiting program. i have been doing this since march and love it! i made the best decision to leave nic. the girls are the best and i love teeth. i will be done with my whole program right in time for christmas. hopefully the office i intern at will love me and will offer me a job. perfect world right?! i also have an amazing support system here. my family means the world to me. my friends have really stepped up this last summer to be there for me. they keep me occupied with our crazy adventures. if i moved to colorado to be closer he would probably end up being moved and i would be stuck without anyone. last choice i could travel in the trailer with him... hah those who know me know that if that happened i would go crazy. i have to work i have to have something to do. i would have that trailer spotless and throw half of mikes shit out so he would probably send me home anyways!

the distance thing is hard. i know alot of people do it so i'm not trying to say my situation is the hardest. but going months without seeing your husband is terrible for anyone. it sucks. thats all it boils down to. i refuse to be that sad cry me a river friend though. if i'm sad typically its the same thing. i miss mike. i'll have a mini breakdown by myself most the time if its bad i phone a friend, i'll pick myself up and surround myself with people who understand me and whats goin on and bam! outta the slump. besides the distance is the only thing thats rough. my life is pretty rad. i married the perfect guy. seriously we're awesome together. my friends rock. my family rock. school is my passion. work is finally fun again. so if distance is the only thing i can complain about slap me for being spoiled! besides i love traveling to random spots. denver is a pretty awesome place.

ooookay so thats the catch up on my life and now i get to blog about my wonderful days... hah stay tuned! i thought i would share a few of my favorite wedding pictures too. hopefully if it uploads. for those who weren't there our wedding was the bomb. the whole process (yes started from 15 months ago) was flawless. people who freak out over weddings can be slapped. cause it can be done people stressfree! i had a blast. the whole damn day was so much fun. if i could do it again i would. 15 min vow of love (we're not mushy) and 5 hours of triple keg party time. perfect.

anywho i look forward to blogging my life of a linemans wife :) please feel free to leave comments at least just saying someone is out there ready this so i don't feel like i total tard!

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  1. Hello! My husband has been trying to become a lineman for a long time and I had a few questions if that's ok 😊 He just received his MSLCAT rank and it was 92... which we were super bummed about but the office told him it's a good score and he should be in?! Do you happen to remember what your husbands score was? How long did he have to wait after interviewing to go to orientation? Are they usually busy in summer? I'd love any advice l!