Wednesday, January 12, 2011

here we go again!

i got a job! a real life grown up monday thru thrusday job! ive been proud of myself before but have never felt like this... i took a huge risk last year dropping all my nic classes, disappointing the parents with me not getting a real life college diploma, taking out a huge student loan and earning my dental assistant certificate. when i called mike after getting the call i cant even explain the excitment i heard in his voice. he was so proud of me. its a great feeling...

so now i'm a full time certified dental assistant married to a powerlineman working on his apprenticeship. we're both feeling very solid right now. we are in the slow process of finding our first home. we're thinking with the market the way it is and with as much as mike makes we may be able to afford our "family" house. one that we can raise our babies in and not move in 5 years.

its all falling into place... our life is slowly turning into the boring married life we've been dreaming of :)

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