Monday, December 26, 2011

1st half of being home

I've been home for almost 2 and a half weeks now (geeze! where's the time gone!) I've been super busy during the first half home. Spending many hours making memories and laughing with friends that I've missed so much.

Mike got in early Thursday morning, which of course the fog gave us a little scare- the pilot announced they weren't going to land in spokane but montana. luckily it broke long enough for Mike's plane to land. Thursday night we got all of our friends together and went to dinner. Thank you again for all those who took time out of their crazy Christmas schedules to spend some time with Mike, it meant more to him than you think... Friday was a little nuts with puppy training class and fitting in family time. Christmas Eve was our Christmas with Mike's side, it was wonderful they brought Christmas to us and it was so fun. We spend Christmas morning at my parents. We definantly got spoiled by both sides, Wesson and Remmi included!

Mike left Christmas afternoon to head back to Wyoming :( I am very, very thankful he was even able to come home for the few days but man was it hard saying good bye and letting him go without me and Remmi in tow. The plan as of now is he is back in Casper for the week. His last day is Saturday. His dad offered to fly down Sunday morning and help him drive the trailer up to Helena where we'll leave our home and Mike will drive up here where we'll wait. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't stressed out.

I've been pretty okay up until this point about the whole unknown thing but with Christmas over I'm starting to freak out. There's about a 50% chance we could get placed in Montana- BIG SIGH! It would be so great to be close to home with the upcoming baby craziness. But I have a big feeling we'll be sent to Utah for work. Ugh such is the life of a linewife, worry worry worry. Hopefully we'll get a call after a few weeks and won't have to stress for too long.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and was able to spend lots of time with family. :)


  1. Happy Christmas! Crossing fingers for Montana :) xoxox

  2. I know it's tough! I hope you get to stay close to home! But if not you will make it .. that's what we linewives do! :)

  3. Merry Christmas!! I hope Mike gets placed in Montana! I know the feeling of wanting to be close to family...

  4. Hopefully he gets placed in Montana so u will b closer to family cuz gosh knows u will want them at least simi close when lil man gets here :)