Thursday, November 11, 2010

who knew a normal job would be this exhausting?!

whew okay i'm a little behind on my update... first off my trip to denver was wonderful. we went did a few random things like accidently find buffalo bills grave site and spend an hour and a half looking through cheapo survinors trying to pick something out... we went to the coors factory too and took some very serious beer pictures. but of course none of us so its pointless trying to upload. ha we had a blast and i always love the time we spend together. when i first landed we were both so exhausted we went and grabbed food and headed to the hotel. we spend 6 solid hours just talking.... it was amazing... we talk every day yes but its hard to actually talk about the important details of things. so we officially have things set and will let you all know the details when they come up :-) lets just say i was very happy at the end.

now the part of my life that has taken over! my extern! holy cow i figured monday thru thursday 8 to 5 no big i will have so much time on my hands... eeerrr wrong. i'm plan exhausted at the end of the day! i haven't even seen my mom this whole week which never ever happens. i am very thankful i don't have to work while doing this because i would be a total wreck!!

i love the office though i could not have picked a better place... i went out to grab a beer and fried food with some of the girls last night. lets be honest they're my kind of people! i spend more time with these woman than anyone else and am so blessed to have formed such a solid bond with them. they told me they want to keep me! i don't know yet about any actually employment but i'm not ruleing it out. i've been able to assist in a few things nothing too extreme but i did get my first extraction which was awesome! anyways literally being a dental asst. right now is completly my life. its hard throughout the week but once the weekend hits i'm definanly able to cut loose and just relax (no homework!!) this weekend hopefully i will be able to jam on down to moscow with miss sam for some football! yay! only if i get my stupid car taken car of! needless to say i will not be sleeping in tomorrow! things need to be done early... welcome to adulthood. bleh! :)

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