Monday, October 25, 2010

countdowns make my life.

first count down: one hour and 15 minutes until my dear friends sam, ashley and of course jocey come watch gossip girl :-) decorated halloween cookies included hoorah.

second: 2 and a half days until i'm boarding a flight to denver to see that handsome lineman of mine. some things we have planned are "the scariest haunted house ever"(mike and jake did their research), coyote ugly (love being 21), bass pro shop (basically my favorite place), coors factory (nothing like warm, free beer!) possibly a halloween party with a good friend from t.f. (he goes to school in boulder now) and of course laying in bed with my sweet husband for the whole day of thursday. i can't wait...

third: exactly one week left of school! i did my first polishing today on a med student and rocked it! i love my future career.

fourth: goes along with end of school, i start my extern a week from tomorrow!! now this is a huge scary step that i cannot wait to take. this is what its all been leading up to. eeeekkkk. so nervous but i know my stuff so i should be alright ;)

fifth: less than one month until mike gets to come back into town for thanksgiving!! we just booked our ticket. i'm already starting to plan our annual (well its only the second year but still...) ornament party/ black friday/kick off christmas party! any ideas for a clever name???? :)

sixth: two months i will be hopefully done with all my hours, maybe not with all the holidays and time off the dentist takes. and of course christmas! woohoo! :) which of course mike comes home again for a good week and a half 2 weeks. best christmas present!

well lots of fun wonderful things happening and of course those are just the major things! i have a few trips planned to see jussy in the tri cities, see mason in lewiston, portland to see family, montana to see my favorite lineman boys, and of course all the great friends i have here in town! anyways will write again after my trip!! :-)

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