Wednesday, May 25, 2011

who needs chairs?

i am currently writing this sitting on the floor of the apartment while Remmi (yes I got a puppy) is running around chewing on my $75 Bombshell bra =( he's fun but really my bombshell!? we've currently moved everything out of the apartment except for the tv and a few dishes. its been a crazy few days trying to decide where everything goes; storage, trailer, or trash? i guess i should back up and talk about how we got here.

well i caved. after 2 years of being apart, 9 months of marriage and only a handful of visits, my school completed and career started, Mike moving-again our marriage was on the rocks. we've been trying so incredibly hard to build this life together while still going on in our own seperate lives that it was just putting the wedge deeper between us. so after finally getting fully comfortable and loving my job i put my 2 weeks in. it was hard, very hard. and of course as my luck has it a week after i put that in Mike got laid off, yay! great timing i'd say! but this is the linelife. they get laid off- alot. it sucks but the books are moving quickly and within the next 2 weeks we'll be back. scary part is now i have no idea where we'll be. when i first argeed to this i just had the thought of okay i'll be moving to Montana. Easy, piece o cake! its a 5 hours drive that i can make whenever i'm feeling too homesick. now theres a chance of being sent back to colorado again. i honestly wouldn't mind going anywhere but i just want to be close to home for summer. even throughout this whole moving process we'll slowly getting reconnected and i'm already happy with this decision even though my stress level is through the roof.

so now my days are busy sorting through stuff and making the camp trailer, our home instead of just Mikes. its a chore trying to fit all my clothes lemme tell ya! i don't regret not going right away. i needed to stay and make a future career for me too. although i won't be able to work while i'm whereever we are. Mike gets transfered at the drop of a hat i'll stay busy. (hopefully) i'll be making alot of phone calls back home, remmi and i will be going on lots of walks, i'll make it work. its taken alot outta me to suck it up and do this. i've pretty much had to eat my mini lectures i've had to give about why i don't just go with him. whelp here i am.

its really scary to not know where i'll be in 3 weeks, 6 months, a year. but i'll be with my husband. right where i need to be and finally honestly want to be.

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  1. Stick with it Cayla, true love conquers all :) But it can be a tough battle for awhile...good luck to you two! I hope you're around in the next two weeks. Kyle and I are considering coming to visit, I'd love to see you again.