Tuesday, May 31, 2011

good bye to my first place.

alright so i'm kinda a sentimental baby. we got everything out of the apartment yesterday. i decided to go back later that evening and clean it for the last time. i cried as i wandered around my 2 bedroom apartment that had been my home for the last year and a half. yes technically it was our apartment but lets face it was mine :) that apartment has housed SO many late nights of tears, laughs, and countless memories made. girls nights took on a whole new meaning when we all got together with mamosas in hand. my first parties, the college crazy get the cops called on you kind and "grown up" ornament/christmas parties. the spur of the moment coffee dates with mom. afternoons spent laying by the pool dreaming and dicussing wedding plans. mine and future friends. i'll miss it, i already do. ha lets be real moving back in with mom and dad with my husband and child (4 legged child) is kinda strange and kinda a zoo. its hilarious to watch the puppies run around. i'm very blessed that we even have this option otherwise we'd really be homeless but i'm READY TO GO! oh well we're keeping our heads up and trying to stay positive! with that i'll leave you with some pictures of my cute first home. enjoy! :)

oh and fyi trying to fit ALL those clothes (there was more in the hall closet and guest room) into a 28 ft trailer is a very, very difficulft challenge that i conquerd! :)

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