Monday, July 4, 2011

the parts of town that matter to muah

i've managed to survive my first week here. people had me a little worried whenever i'd mention moving to casper but honestly i really like it here. its kinda an old fashion town which i love and i have managed to find target and walmart which is really all i need in life :)

i spent my days getting up making lunch for mike than goin back to bed, haha i know i'm lazy now. after an hour nap remmi and i go for our first walk/run of the day. i've measured it out and its about 1.2 miles one way. so we head to dog park and while remmi runs through mud and chases birds i'm that weird lady that does squates and lunges in the park, luckily this park is empty and no cars can see me! we head home eat some lunch. i facebook, tweet, blog, check accounts, blah blah blah while remmi sleeps. next is my favorite part of the day. i plop my ass in a chair (now in the POOL! yay!) and tan, read, and listen to music. life is sweeeet. next we head in the trailer and some dinner... when mike gets home we usually have to take remmi for another walk or go outside and play cards. thank you so much mom and dad for teaching us. its our favorite pass time now with no tv!! =)

i know my days sound pretty boring but its okay so far. i do miss home very very much though!! heres a few pictures of the town so you can kinda see where i'm living!

this is mikes office, yay hot time!!

down town....

nice, big fancy library :)

one of my favorite buildings. this movie theater is right down town and its only $3.50 to go see movies! they aren't brand new ones but as you can see new ones still! score!

and this is our church! its super small but wonderful! everyone was super super nice and welcoming. we can't wait to get to know everyone better!

Healthy Lifesyle studio. here's where i'll be taking my yoga classes =) bad picture but its off a main road. its an old house turned studio. can't wait to get my yoga on!!

i love this sign... this is down at the popular side of the dog park (not where i look like an idiot working out at) remmi has made lots of friends who tucker him out... thank goodness!!

this is their HIGH SCHOOL!! it is massive. obviously it doesn't matter to me a whole lot but it just kinda shows how the town is set up. this is also right up the road from our trailer park. i'll put up pictures of the football field once they get done redoing the field. the school takes up so much room. we can't figure how why its so big though! we're gonna sneak into it once school starts ;-)

whelps folks there ya go.... the parts of casper that i love. i forgot to get a picture of my dancing sheep shop though =( cutest yarn store! happy 4th everyone!! miss you all!!

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