Monday, September 19, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things...

--sunday morning walks with my boys, discussing what our baby will look like, sports they'll play, that property we want back home, that dream house we'll one day have, and of course that time in our life where we'll sit on our front porch on our rockers discussing how cold that winter in wyoming was ;-)
--daily talks with mom. you think i can talk? have a chat with that woman
--farmers markets. picking out my favorite fresh fruits? count me in.
--great yoga sessions. the ones where you walk away feeling like youre a pretzel
--snuggling in bed watching Grease, even though he hates it and than catching him singing along with my Grease cd on our next road trip
--cooking dinner and being told its his new favorite food
--paying bills. i love seeing debt go down and savings go up.
--going on junk food trips. grabbing kit kats, skittles, popcorn, caramel popcorn, cookies and pigging out on all it.
--texts from best friends saying i love you. those mean more than you'll ever know.
--learning a new crochet pattern and actually accomplishing it.
--getting a "reminder" that my first doctor appointment is in a week, shows that others are just as excited for us.
--going on drives in the truck playing our favorite old songs
--decorating for fall
--huckleberry competitions with dad, even though he always picks more than me
--changing the scentsy smell
--taking long baths... this is the only reason i drive 9 hours to go to class =) okay this is my new favorite pass time. pictures and planning, its great.
--new pair of boots. cowgirl boots go with everything.

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