Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trailer Nursery

I have waited so long to decorate my trailer nursery and its still hard to believe its not only finished but i have my sweet baby sleeping in the crib! so wonderful :) but first how our trip went...

it was quite the trip lemme tell ya but we laughed a lot and somehow made it... the trip started thursday morning a little rocky. if its not hard enough leaving the house with a newborn trying leaving the house and moving with a newborn and a puppy! ouch, yes i'm an idiot. since as most of you know my dear puppy is VERY active so i asked the vet for doggie downers. well oakley somehow managed to lick up a little piece that fell out of Remmis mouth that's my guess anyways. thankfully Nicole came over and kept an eye on my parents drugged puppy while mom and i attempted to get on the road.

after giving remmi another doggy downer, mom exploding white cheddar popcorn ALL over my car, having to nurse in the middle of no where and burger king, one night in a sketch motel we finally made it. yah, we were both over the trip before we even left Idaho but it was a memory we won't forget :)

i'll admit i've been very spoiled living with mom, if i couldn't get wes to burp she was right there. when i needed to go shower or make lunch and wes just wanted to be held mom was on it. i'm very thankful for the time i got to spent with my parents... guess it all worked out perfectly. after all the crazy paths my life has taken so far i really should have better faith!

today has been the first day i've been totally alone with wes and rem. mike had to get up at 4:30 to take spaz dog for a walk to give me a little more time in the mornings before i have to brave a walk with him and the stroller... its weird being alone though. good thing i speak baby and puppy ;-)

sorry its kind of a boring update, i'll try to update in a week and let you know if i'm surviving or if i bought a ticket to take me back home.

now here's our trailer nursery! i know everything is crammed but i'm pretty proud of the way everything's turned out. especially our project we did last year... the tool holder that mike took down and spray painted. it holds wesson's stuff perfectly! :) i never thought i'd have wes sleeping in his crib already but i think he loves it... he slept 8 hours straight last night in it! and also on his tummy! yes i got up oh 3 or 4 times to make sure he was still okay!

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  1. Hi! I found my way here from "Wife of a Lineman." Just wanted to let you know I think your nursery is adorable! While my husband and I aren't in a trailer, I wasn't able to decorate a nursery either b/c we are in a two bedroom home w/ my seven year old daughter and until we move (hopefully by end of year) we have Joshua (3 weeks) sleeping in our room. It really bothered me at first, especially b/c when I had Riley, I went all out with her nursery, it was amazing w/ a custom crib set and all. But I'm finding now that it doesn't bother me so much b/c I'm just excited to finally be able to hold him, lol. The other reason I am commenting is b/c I noticed you said Wes sleeps on his tummy. BOTH of mine have been stomach sleepers. (They get it from their Momma, lol.) Joshua especially, will not sleep on his back, PERIOD, unless he is in his swing or car seat and just happens to nod off, but he will wake up in less than an hour. My Mom had come to spend two weeks with us when I had him (one week prior and one week after birth) and somewhere around day three of being home, I was exhausted and desperately needing a shower, so Mom volunteered to take over for a bit. When I got out, the first thing I noticed was that it was blessedly quite in the house, lol. When I walked into the living room, there was little Joshua, passed out on a little pallet type thing my Mom had made for him on the couch, on his tummy! First time since day two of his life that he was sleeping without being held! She said that about 5 min after I went to go get in the shower, he fell asleep on her shoulder while she was burping him and she just moved him on over.

    I kinda of stressed over it at first, b/c when Riley was born (7 yrs ago, lol), they (doctors, etc) hadn't started the whole "back to sleep" routine and even the nurses in the hospital would put her on her side or belly down to sleep. In fact, at that point, it was the opposite and they didn't want the baby to sleep on it's back b/c they could choke if they spit up or anything.

    Sometimes its very difficult and frustrating b/c it almost feels as if some of their recommendations change so often, like fashion. It's whatever is "in season" or is popular this year. I know a lot of it is backed up by medical research, but at the same time, Mommy's have been raising babies and trusting their gut since the beginning of time, we know what is best for our little ones. It's like the whole "germs" battle. We are now finding out that keeping our children so clean and sterile is actually not as good for them as before believed. They have no natural defenses against things they encounter in daily life and severe allergies.

    Anyways, I'm rambling, lol. My husband just left for work, and Joshua just fell asleep and I still have an hour before having to get Ri up for school, sooo.... yeah, lol. Just wanted to introduce me self, and show some support concerning the tummy-sleeping issue. I've found a lot of people will freak out on you about letting your child sleep that way, even people who don't have children and have no clue. They automatically brand you a "bad mommy" and it makes you hesitant to even let people know that you allow it.

    Hope the trampin' life continues to work for you and your family and that y'all stay blessed with happiness and love. Have a good one! ♥ & †