Monday, August 20, 2012

from the mile high to the big sky

we made it! i'm sitting here at the lincoln rv park in helena montana. whoop! as i'm sitting here i'm amazed i'm sitll functioning, it was a rough trip!

mike didn't get home until way late on friday and it was close to 9 o'clock before we were able to finally get on the road. wesson had been sleeping in his crib since 7 so i figured it'd be an easy transition to get him into the car seat. wrong. i think the 16 hour drive mom and i made ruined him because he screamed the entire four hours we managed to make it. we stayed the night at our old stomping grounds, Casper Wy.

we got up fairly early and hit the road for another 2 hours of screaming. i couldn't take it anymore and pawned him off on mike. remmi also didn't want to ride with me so for the next 4 hours from billings to helena was like a mini vacation for me! probably the only time you'll hear me say i am actually thankful for riding separately! i stopped and picked up a coffee, put in my eric church cd and truely enjoyed my mommy time... except the texts i was getting every half hour..."i can't stand it anymore" "i'm going to give him to the next gas station attendant" "where are you?!" haha well babes i don't text and drive ;)

we finally pulled into helena around 4 saturday evening, put wes in his crib, remmi on his long line, and got out two much needed beers and went to work setting up. this park is the nicest we've ever lived in. we have GRASS people! it also came with a sturdy picnic table, we usually have to go steal one from another site lol hey gotta make it homey right?!

mike is only working 4 10's this week which will be so nice! i can't wait to explore our new place together. even though we've been here so many weekends for class we never got to enjoy helena together. he's never even been to readers alley! so friday will be our day to do the most touristy things...

 my view for some of the time... so pretty ;)

my view out of the trailer... beautiful!

hope everyone had a great weekend! :) oh another perk i'm loving so far... there is a nicely paved running path right outside our trailer park! score! plus running this morning was so enjoyable without feeling the elevation pressure! wahoo!! i may make it to this 5k after all!


  1. You must have felt like a million bucks running at a lower elevation!!! I bet it is so stressful but you make it sound so .....hmmm can't find the word, but way better then I am sure what it feels like living the uncertainty of it all!

    1. hahaha oh trust me its so flipping nuts. you know when you just want to cry cause its so stressful but you end up laughing like crazy cause that's all you can do...?? yah thats me :)