Saturday, August 11, 2012

happy august!

whoa i just looked at the date and was a little shocked its already august 11th!

i thought july was a busy month for us but looks like august is already shaping up to be pretty eventful.... my two weeks home was filled with highs and lows. i did go out with some friends and proved to be that annoying mom who whips out her phone to show off her baby boy, oh well. my time spent in cda showed me that i don't really belong there anymore well at least not without my other half. it was really difficult doing the things that mike and i love without mike.

the family reunion was also filled with highs and lows. tent camping with a 3 month old was interesting. luckily wes was just born to camp so he was perfect the whole time plus i was set up right next to mom and dad in their trailer... thanks again Dad for hauling all that water so your grandson could bath twice a day!! our week was filled with LOTS of family, 4 wheeling, hiking and river time. it was fun but way different from my drunken, relaxed lake trip last year. i was the over paranoid mom when it came to night time though... yes i did wake my mom up one night because of the coyotes. quick disclaimer: i've been camping my entire life. i love the sound of coyotes. i however do NOT love the sound of coyotes while in a tent with my baby after hearing horrible stories from DAN and CONNIE about dingos eating babies. yes i am a 22 year old wimp who made her mom sleep with her...

now that we're back home in brighton, things were finally getting settled in until last wednesday. Mike's GF got the call that mike is getting transferred... here's the facts as of right now:

-we're getting moved
-we will be moving to either somewhere else in colorado, wyoming, montana, or utah
-we should know when and where sometime monday
-yes i'm freaking out.

i'm freaking out for a few reasons....
 1) i'm leaving august 31st on a little plane from denver to las vegas (brandy & mike are finally getting hitched!!!) my little aircraft only flies out of denver and is non refundable. go figure. i can't do anything about it right now because we have no idea where i'll be. stay tuned for more on that.
2) i'm so excited to move! brighton has proved to be less than great. our park is pretty trashy and i'm ready for a change of scenery.
3) wesson has his 4 month check up in 3 weeks. so i'll have to quickly settle in and search out a good ped asap.

i'll be much more relaxed after monday when hopefully we'll know some answers but until than i'm trying to get out home travel ready! and i'll be very relaxed come tuesday-- our TWO year anniversary!! mike is planning on getting off work a little early and we'll be spending the evening at the Rockies baseball stadium enjoying America's favorite pass time :) i'm so excited!! pictures to come!

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