Monday, October 21, 2013

International Lineman Rodeo

Since joining the NSUJL team in August, my pride for being a linewife and a NSUJL member has just exploded.

In such a short time I've been able to dive into the line life deeper, I've been able to attend the Avista Line School, visit & make tons of contact with locals in the NW and now I can say that I've attended the International Lineman Rodeo!

I left for Kansas Wednesday morning. It was a little nerve racking traveling so many states away alone. Wesson stayed with my parents (Thanks again mom & dad!!!) Mike had to work but we've both decided he's for sure attending (and hopefully competing next year!) While waiting to check into my hotel I ran into a few Mountain Power guys, it was pretty cool seeing a familiar team so far from home!

Day 1: Amanda (another NSUJL regional rep & my ILR roomie) and I woke up early to meet Mrs Lineman Barn herself, Tammy Kent (a NSUJL sponsor & member) and Tennille (another regional rep who was sweet enough to be my airport transportation!) Once we all got to the booth we got right to work setting everything up. The Lineman Expo was held in the Overland Park Convention Center and we were 1 of 88 exhibitors. It was busy!

NSUJL Booth!
Thursday was suppose to be our slow day but it was defiantly not boring. We had a consistent flow of people at our booth from noon to 5. After the convention Amanda and I got invited to Local 47s dinner (local 47 is located in So Cal) 47 is a huge sponsor of the sisterhood so we were honored when we got invited. We were even more honored when they stood us up to thank us for everything we do. First off we could not help any families if it wasn't for our sponsors and our members! We left with our tummies and our hearts very full. They even gave us 47 swag :)

Day 2: Friday was predicted to be our crazy busy day and it stood true. When they opened those expo doors our booth was busy! The necklaces, cookbooks, beads, charms, calendars, and coloring books were a hit! If you're curious about any of these items go check out our store HERE! Every penny goes back into helping families!!

imma storm soldier! ;)

After we closed up our exhibit we got to go check out the Storm Soldiers movie. I had heard so many great things and this was probably the #1 thing Mike was jealous about. Don't worry babe, Santa might be bringing you something similar for Christmas ;)

Storm Soldiers is the perfect example of how hard our men work and what little credit they receive. Needless to say we all walked away with tears in our eyes. Such a wonderfully made film. It also showed a few familiar faces that I've had the pleasure of meeting recently. Don't worry friends we'll have special viewings at house once we get our copy!!

pumped for the showing!

Friday night is also trade night at the ILR. Each local, company, team brings their own rodeo tshirt and gets to trade with others. Much like the pin swapping we had at Nationals for BPA. We had a bunch of left over NSUJL shirts from past events so Amanda and I were able to swap shirts and get so many company shirts that will be used in raffle baskets in the future!

don't mind our Canadian lineman photo bomber...

After we were finished trading we were able to attend the BBQ, geeze these people know how to feed hungry girls! We stuffed ourselves up and headed back to the hotel to catch some rest after a long day!

Day 3: Saturday morning was my last day at the rodeo and it was nice to relax. I have to say it was pretty awesome walking into the rodeo and being recognized by people for being part of NSUJL. Our organization is defiantly one of a kind and appreciated which fuels us even more to keep expanding!

love these 3!
I was able to watch Astra's hubby, Brandon compete in hurt man & speed climb. I missed the banquet Saturday night but a little birdie told me our friend placed 2nd in overall! How flipping cool is that?! way to kick ass Brandon!! I was also able to meet a few ladies I've "known" for years now. We've literally watched each other's kids grow & have been each other's virtual shoulders over the years so finally meeting was so much fun. I also got my baby fix in again after getting Bash to fall asleep in my arms, ahhh sweetest child!

But after watching linemen compete and holding Bash I was ready to head home to my own boys. This was the longest I've left Wes before and I was so happy to finally hold my baby again! I swear he grew 2 ft since Tuesday!

All in all the lineman rodeo was an experience I'll never forget. I left with closer friendships, a deeper love for my husbands career and so many wonderful (and slightly crazy) memories.  


  1. Without a doubt...I HAVE to be there next year. So glad you enjoyed yourself, Cayla!

    1. Heather! yes you do!! I'm hoping we'll make it, it really depends on when Mike gets on board with baby #2 ;) we will meet eventually, we HAVE to!! :)