Monday, October 28, 2013

Par Star

With the upcoming of continual good news with Mike's job and the recent half birthday celebrated I figured its time for a brag post on my boys :)

As most of you saw on facebook Mike started his new position as foreman on Thursday! What exactly this means is that he runs his crew now. He has a lineman, 2 apprentices and an operator/groundsman. With being a lineman for such a short time it's a big responsibility that he wouldn't have taken if he didn't feel 100% confident in his job and his means to keep his crew safe. Also this job is ending in a few weeks so it has been more of a trial run... let me explain that.

Mike is officially a Par Star (Amanda THANK YOU for sharing this adorable name, Mike hates it and I love it ;)) He has been offered to be kept with Par. Once this job ends he will be following Par to the west coast of Washington, Everett all the way down. PS yes this means hopefully I can spend some time with our west coast family!! :) In this upcoming job he will go back to being a lineman. The west coast job will last until roughly February than he's being asked to "push a crew" (be a foreman) again for the job that will be opening up in the Tri Cities area! How cool is that?! (more family!!)

For once in the past 5 years it sounds like we will not be getting laid off, whaaaat?! Seriously is this was normal life feel like? We are on the up and up in our savings and finally we won't to relay on it for if/when he get's laid off. No more sitting around for the apprenticeship to call. Folks, this is the freedom you get after topping out. Even if he were to get laid off there are hundreds of halls all over the US ready to put Mike to work. We're just very happy the work is near home though :)

Now onto my littlest man.... Wesson is now a year and a half old.... I'm not joking, I recounted a few times. I think that means I can stop saying he's X amount of months.... is it just me or am I the only mom who has a really hard time remembering! "uh... he's... 17 months?" Jeeze.

Anyways, he a handful. An adorable, happy, very handsome handful.

  • he has all of his teeth now except for the 2 year molars. thank goodness he's not a biter
  • he runs, jumps, plays in dirt,  & always wants to be outside... he is such a little boy!
  • although he loves to play in dirt he has issues with getting pumpkin guts on his hand... strange child.
  • he jumped in his first pile of leaves last week and now every time we walk outside he jumps in the leaves, even if there's only a few lol
  • the 4 wheeler and dirt bike in garage prove to be a constant battle. our stroller is in between so every. single. morning he runs to one of the other and wants to start them up. we need a shop to hide these toys...
  • but to solve? this issue Wesson now has his own battery powered four wheeler that is kept down the road at grandma and grandpas... He got it back in September and its amazing how much better he is already. Mike is trying to convince me he'll be a dirt bike next summer. Did you know that at the pee wee races at the fair they actually say "1-6 year olds?" that's not helping my case of no bike til he's 3... sigh...
  • we're slowly starting the potty training bizz. honestly I have no idea what I'm doing but I was told (by my sweet husband) that I'm lazy if I don't try. sheesh! Yesterday morning I was getting ready and the boys came in to visit, Wes kept trying to lift the toilet seat and saying pee pee soooo we let him try, and surprise he actually peed in the toilet. Which let to a fun game of doing it all day. I'm shocked and not ready. He's growing up wayyyy too fast!
  • he's slowly talking more. well okay he's talking a ton but we're slowly starting to understand more of what he's talking about.
  • he loves yoga day care. my once shy, cry when I leave baby is now running up the stairs to go play when we get into the studio.
He's sleep and eat patterns are pretty much the same still. He's down to one nap a day, which surprisingly I actually enjoy. We're able to get more stuff down now, he loves to bake so its easy to cook meals while he's up. Than I get this glorious 1.5 hours in the middle of the day to clean,  email, work, nap...

he literally wrestles with Remmi now, they will roll all over. cutest thing!

Being a stud with his favorite ladies.

oh yes, our sweet boy prays. He folds his hands and says amen! love!

blue eyed stud

he gives kisses now...

first leaf jump!

of course loved the drill. anyone wanna guess what Wesson is getting for Christmas?!


1st football game. he clapped and yelled right along Aunt Kelsey ;)

half birthday present. a new CAT toy! :)

Wesson is just so much fun and growing so much every day. He fills my heart so much watching his little mind work and play through out each activity... This will be his first Halloween trick or treating. He's saying trick or treat but it mainly sounds like TT but that's okay he's cute enough he'll get candy. We're going trick or treating at Grandpas office than meeting our mommy & baby friends to go down town. Cannot wait! :)

Happy Monday Friends! xx!

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