Monday, February 4, 2013

25 Before 25

Tomorrow is my cousin, Justine's birthday (happy birthday! :)) which means Mike's birthday is in 4 months and mine is in exactly 7 months. We're all turning 24, which means next year we'll be 25! ouch. Good bye early twenties, smack dab into mid twenties... you all know me and my mind goes a mile a minute and thinking about ages really got it going this morning! Tomorrow in exactly 19 months I'll be 25. I know you all are probably giving the computer the eye roll and the look my husband just gave me when I was explaining this but roll with me...

In my 23.4 years I think I've accomplished quite a bit but getting married at 20 and having a baby at 21 cut my "crazy, try random things years" short. Now don't get me wrong, trust me I wouldn't change one single decision about starting my family life young, there are just a few things I want to do moving forward. I'm excited to have my cheering squad be my sweet husband and adorable monster child.

So here we go. Here's what I hope to accomplish in 19 months... 25 before I turn 25!

  1. learn to bake a huckleberry pie 100% from scratch
  2. run a half marathon
  3. try sushi YUM & DONE
  4. join the Gallon Club (donating 1 gal of blood)
  5. go unplugged once a month
  6. start (and keep) a daily gratitude notebook Thankful November
  7. have a full service spa day OH YAH! Read HERE!
  8. attend a weekend yoga retreat READ HERE and more pictures :)
  9. take Wesson to visit the Seattle Zoo
  10. purchase our first home
  11. learn to use the BBQ Although I never posted I did successful BBQ chicken ;)
  12. have a semi stylish closet
  13. host Easter brunch
  14. read all Harry Potter books and watch all the movies FINISHED! loved the books :)
  15. join a family church and get involved
  16. back pack overnight into God's water slides COMPLETED! Read about it here!
  17. save money and stick to our debt free plan
  18. learn to use my sewing machine
  19. go see a play or musical Trans Siberian Orchestra
  20. have baby McBride number two
  21. run a mud run with Mike DONE! Read about it here!
  22. plan our honeymoon Hawaii? Mexico? Vegas?
  23. snowshoe
  24. get involved with the NSUJL NW Regional Director! HERE
  25. go to a wine tasting Latah Creek Winery

Stay tuned to see if I can get these crossed off! :)

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