Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mike is off to Cali!

Mike left this morning for California. Most details of our California plan have changed, typical. Last week his ILB general foreman told him they weren’t going to be able to transfer any of the guys on the crew to down there. Up here the company is International Line Builders but down there is a sister company, that I can’t remember the name of. Anyways they can’t just transfer guys back n forth. Oh well no biggy except Mike left earlier than we had thought!

We got an extra-long weekend together carving pumpkins, trick or treating downtown and celebrating Kimber’s 1st Halloween. We were also lucky enough to have my parents offer to take the kids overnight so we could go to my brother’s Halloween party. We dressed up as an ice cream man and ice cream cone. It was a blast!







I also got busy filling the camper up with a few freezer meals, breads and cookies. Mike hasn’t needed the trailer since early this year so we had to move all our camping stuff out and the work stuff back in. Let’s be honest it’ll probably only look like that for another week! ;)

Yesterday Local 1245 had 15 “standing calls.” Standing calls means there are jobs to be filled asap. That once Mike gets down to the hall he can basically pick from any of the standing jobs available. Pretty awesome! Mike was excited about all the jobs available and now I’m just anxious to see where he’ll end up!

As for me and the kids, we’re already filling up our days to make time move faster! Lots of strollers & smoothie classes, preschool events, church events, a few play dates and of course mommy nights out!

Our goals are on our mind and we’re ready to tackle this new adventure!


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