Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week One

We survived week one.

Which is exactly how it felt here, survival.

Hey I said I would never sugar coat this lifestyle. If I start doing that I have no business blogging.

Mike on the other hand is having way too much fun, I swear I'm not that bitter. Trust me it would be ten times hard if Mike was calling complaining about work, been there- heard that.

Mike is loving work. He found out he actually knew a few guys and has been having the time of his life. His commute to work is suspended in a harness under a helicopter. Flying over trees and the transmission lines they're working on. I have a video but am too impatient to load it. Basically its him "woohooing" for 90 seconds over trees.

His schedule is 13 days on 1 day off. He's happy and I'm happy. We have a total goal amount we would like to meet and than Mike can come home. With those kind of hours I'm hoping that means we'll be together soon!

The kids and me... Well we're surviving. The kids seem to be doing fine. Wesson loves talking to Mike for a few minutes before running off to do whatever and Kimber just wants to eat the phone.

I think the roughest part this week was realizing how much is on my plate now. These 8 months really spoiled me with having Mike home during the week!

I laid in bed Tuesday night hearing the neighbors take out their trash and remembered I didn't. Now I was throwing on boots and taking the trash out at 10 pm.

Forgot to buy formula at the store, loading the kids back up to run and get some.

Yard work, all on my plate now. Mowing the yard is not as much fun when there is snow in the forecast!

The hardest part of your husband being your best friend is once he leave you're best friendless and kinda alone.

I miss cooking dinner too. Which surprises me. Or its just the dinner conversations Either way I love cooking and finding new recipes well with a newly found picky eater and a baby who just picks, my food critics aren't great and arguing with the 3 year old to eat the "spicey food" doesn't count as conversation.

I'm hoping that survival mode was just the adjustment week and before we know it the days will be flying by. 

One bonus of the Grinch... ahem I mean Mike not being home is I get to start decorating for Christmas earlier. My Christmas houses are already up and I have a feeling I'll fully cave before next week. Also I'm fully loving watching Christmas movies hehe


  1. That transition period is tough for me even if he is only home for a weekend. My husband is currently just waiting on his test date. It feels like a new world is getting ready to open up for us. I'm in Western WA. It's nice to read some familiarity in someone else's words.

    1. Congrats almost being finished! It is a little easier once they are topped out and can decided a little more where they want to be. Good luck and you are definitely never alone! xoxo!