Monday, September 13, 2010

7 weeks is nothing.

the h2o concert was amazing!! so much fun. i couldn't have had better dates... those boys crack me up! but now its back to reality, again. i have 7 weeks before i fly to denver to see mike for the weekend. the longest we've gone is about 10 weeks so we can do this. plus its almost easier to do the distance thing with the same last names, i know its weird but it helps me out a little.

with the thought of trying to keep busy to make the weeks fly by i have to do what i always do, set some goals!
1. work work work. may as well right? in about 2 and a half month i will be on my intern site not making anything and not able to work... phewy so better work my booty off now!
2. school. main focus right there. along with my 7 weeks to see mike i also only have 7 weeks until my actual school is done! this is incredible time thought for me. i feel like i have been working towards this forever so its really exciting for me! keep up my great grades!
3. get back into running. i love running. i'm one of the few who actually need to run. i just slacked off after the wedding so back to it!
4. not keep myself holed up in my house like i know i will try to do. so if youre reading this and i make up a lame excuse please drag me out!

its hard. but we can do it.

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