Friday, September 10, 2010

i feel like a den mom!

so i'm a retard. i booked mikes ticket for this weekend about 3 weeks ago and i screwed up. i'm so used to flying i put my name instead of his... a few choice words later mike managed to get the ticket to his name. you're not suppose to trade flights i guess? oh well its all good now he's on his way home as we speak! :) yay!

i am kinda liking this whole barely work thing. today i was able to get caught up and ahead with school work, cleaned house, cleaned out the house... man i have a lot of random books!... i finally ordered our thank you cards, got all wedding pictures in frames and hung out, make cookies enough for this weekend and for him to take home to the boys, i made sandwiches for everyone tomorrow for the big concert day, got enough beer to get us all in a good mood :) and now i'm killing time before i pick my hubby up! this weekend is gonna fly by... we're leaving at 10 tomorrow and probably wont get back until way late and than we turn around and mike leaves at 1 on sunday. its a quick trip but i get a kiss :)

well until next friends!

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