Tuesday, December 28, 2010

christmas break thus far.

i figured i have a free moment that hasn't been over taken by people in and out of the house and the million things that have to get done while mike's home....

the break is has been great. christmas was wonderful we stayed at my parents and got treated like ten year olds :) the next day we were suppose to go to st maries to see mikes mom but the roads weren't gonna let us.... we got into our first accident. it was soooo scary! mike was driving super slow but it still slide us around and smack right into the cement rails. the damage for what happpened is amazing. just the front bumper in torn up but that we can live with. we were both VERY shaken up, unharmed except for my knee hitting the door. its just swollen and bruised but i'll take it.

so today is filled with insurance calls and estimates. yay. the one shitty thing about mike being home for longer than a weekend we actually start to feel like a real husband and wife so we decide to bring up issues like whats going to happen and of course it turns into a huge fight we i seriously want to smack him across the face and of course he thinks he's just going to storm out of here. we could fight on repeat i swear! i love him to death and wouldn't change anything but i think someone is using us for their amusement because we can't fix anything. lol its just dumb... than we try to talk it out sleep on it and everythings fine.... i'm not sure its the healthiest way but for now we both always say its not going to help anything to fight about the future.

sometimes i just really hate being a linewife and the damn unknown.

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