Wednesday, December 1, 2010

my heart is in.... MONTANA!

holy shit. i never thought we would get that phone call. i picked mike up from the airport and we hadn't even reached the free way when mtn states called and said he got the transfer to montana. i cried. like pulled over and cried. it was such a relief. no one can imagine how difficult it is to start a marriage 27 plus hours away. its just dumb. now we've cut the gap but 22 hours and mike is now working in fairfield. its about 40 minutes from great falls and 5 hours from home. thank you Lord! i knew sticking to our guns and waiting it out would be worth it instead of being rediculous and packing up our life here and following him. i didn't give my dreams and goals up so now we're sitting pretty. pretty damn freakin pretty! :) i'm half way done with my intern. ready to job hunt here soon. and with mike being closer that kinda ups our plans to a little sooner. once i get my job i'm going to be crackin down on the house hunt and we should be home owners this spring. and i won't be doing the house hunting alone. mike can come home every single stinkin weekend. i can actually start trying our some of these dinners i've been slaving over. ha... best early christmas present! :-)


  1. It's really interesting to read these old entries... I hope you don't mind. I guess if you did, they wouldn't still be here! Anyway, I'm interested to see when things change and you decide to go travel with him! :) And I feel like a stalker... lol

    1. haha you are so NOT a stalker!! you're so sweet, your life with change and it will be a crazy busy journey but one you'll cherish all your life <3