Wednesday, June 22, 2011

lets call it my trailer park bucket list:

yes, i'm still moving. yes, the books are moving(we're currently number 8) yes, we're still living at my parents. blah not much has changed guys... we don't know anything. and it sucks.
mike finished putting our new fridge in and building a new rack on the trailer for more of my crap. there's actually nothing we can do now except wait and think. think about what life is going to be like. well for mike he knows. he knows his job, how it all runs, how to live in a trailer, how to cook- he didn't he ate out every day- he knows this lifestyle. i on the other hand don't. i don't have a clue. so i sit and think about what it is all going to be like. so i've created a little "bucket list"

- walk/run with Remmi every day

- cook dinner every night for my hubby =) now this could be a challenge. basically i think a cook book titled "cooking for 2 in a camp trailer" ha. i can cook but for one and in a full sized oven and kitchen. i have a feeling its going to be quiet the experience with lots of trial meals

- stick our budget plan and be debt free by January 2012. well not completly because i'm sure by that time mike will want a 4 wheeler and our stupid dodge won't be paid off for years and years but my 4 wheeler, the dirtbike, trailer, my ring, and second half of my student loan will for sure be gone! =) yippeeee time to really start saving up for our first home!

- get caught up on my book list. i've already started since i haven't worked for flippin 6 weeks now so any book suggestions PLEASE do tell. if this list ends i may be very upset!

- continue my daily yoga

-broaden my crocheting skills and craft skills in general for that matter

yes i will be spending alot more time alone which may be a challenge considering i'm a social bug. i'm taking this opportunity to strengthen my marriage, cooking skills, and myself. i'm going to truely be my own best friend and am determined to fully love myself. quirks and all.

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  1. Loving your debt free plan. Kyle and I are getting a head start on more credit cards, just payments, car shopping and house shopping! AHHHHH kinda hard! Book wise, anything Janet Evanovich if you haven't read her stuff yet :)