Thursday, June 23, 2011

Casper, Wyoming

well guys so much for being number 8, scratch that 5 oh wait i mean number 1 and we're off to Casper, Wyoming! talk about movin books!! i'm a bundle of nerves... its weird i knew this was coming but uhm didn't think i would actually have to leave? silly right?? well now mike, the dog, and myself are leaving friday morning and headin out. we're driving 8 hrs to Billings to go visit a few friends. we'll go the next 4 hrs on saturday and head to our new home. Fort Casper Campground. i'll take pictures when i get there but for now here's the website for those who wanna check it out =)

side goal: i'm gonna be running those foot trails daily =)

today is jam packed full of getting ready to go... last minute laundry, packing, getting all my crap outta my parents place, get the trailer all loaded down, and of course a last minute going away fire planned by muh best frans Ash and Tob =)

thank you to everyone who have been supportive through this whole process. its not done yet. i'm scared, nervous, excited and all around freaked out so i still need your prayers and thoughts =) love you to you all and heres to Casper freakin Wyoming!!

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