Sunday, June 26, 2011

Casper, Wyoming

i cried... alot. i cried when i found out we were moving. i cried when i said good bye to each of my best friends. i cried alot when my dad came home say bye. i cried when i saw my big little brother squirt a few tears out. i cried even more when i saw my mom cry. and i bawled my eyes out until we hit wolf lodge.

i didn't think it would be this hard to leave home. i also didn't think our trip would have gone the way it did... well folks it was rough real rough. but we made it one piece and i didn't cry once after idaho.

we left friday morning after getting a last minute fix on the truck. we don't know what happened but mike called me paniced on thursday because his truck "broke" i honestly still don't know what happened all i do know is.... tow truck came and we picked the truck back up friday before heading outta town. the first 8 hours went great. we made it to billings and devo took us out for a night on the town. also i got to have my first beer with my very best fran miss brandy and mwall =) couple beers later, okay and a few shooters we were walking our asses back to devos. and when i say walk i mean mike piggy backed me... ha

we got up early saturday- eager and ready to make the quick easy 4 hr to casper. boy were we in for it... we stopped for a quick photo at the wyoming boarder....

and BAM flat tire....
okay no big deal we have a spare and my handy man knows what to do... besides remmi needed some water and i needed to peeeee!!

well turns out the spare was flat so we had to load it up in my car drive 45 mins to the closet town and air it up.... okay we can handle this.

next we find out the stem broke on the spare so it wasn't holding air... wonderful! luckily being a linewife i have ooodddles and oooodddles of electric tape laying around so we taped that sucker up and took it back to the trailer. our thought process "we're broke we can't afford another tire right now. so oh it'll last 2 more hours to casper. it has to!" wrong... i was following mike and yup its flat again, along with the back tire on the other side too.... greeeat! okay i'll up my credit card limit real fast we'll buy too more tires and back on the road within an hour. we get to Firestone and the guy tells us he'll try to get to it today but most likey tomorrow morning. me- starting to freak out. mike (being the calm one)- okay and goes to take off the tires on the trailer. i said he was wasting time but he said it could help! and it did... the guy was so thankful that we helped him out he helped us! and cut us a deal so we only had to spend $100! woooop!!

Thank you Firestone!! back on the road...

after that we made it to Casper in no time... it was storming pretty bad when we arrived. its really cool cause its around 85 degrees and just thundering and lightening.... i love summer storms.

the trailer took the travel fairly well except another rough bump in our journey... somehow the toliet managed to get a leak and once we hooked up we ended up with a pool in the bathroom! yippee! luckily the water is CLEAN! and we have the showers close to our spot... which i'm very impressed with how clean they are. Thank God. so after trying to jimmy rig something to fix it Mike has called it unfixable. first paycheck = new toilet. gotta love adult hood right?!

but we're here safe and sound. we're happy and i haven't even cried once! here's a few pictures of our new home.... i'll post more once we get settled in our real spot. right now we're in the weekly spot and hopefully after this weekend we'll be in the permanent nice ones with grass back yards!! =)

oh and ps Happy Birthday to my adorable husband who got me into this mess... Happy 22nd Birthday ya old man!! ;-)

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  1. aww it looks beautiful! And it better be after all that work to get there, sheesh!