Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i was made for this.

i'm currently back home in idaho enjoying some good, quality time with family and friends. its been so fun wandering stores and looking at baby things with mom knowing i'm actually "aloud" to look at this now. i've been busy reading my "what to expect now that you're expecting" and man i didn't know anything... but i have come to the conclusion that i'm just built to be pregnant!
-all those hours i spent praying to the boob gods to at least get me out of my sports bra, well thanks for listening 7 years later! and as grandma cinderelle keeps saying enjoy them now before they turn into flat pancakes! gosh am i ever gonna win?!
-this constant queasy feeling? i've been preparing for this part every friday and saturday night for the last year. hung over much?!
-exhaustion? yup i sleep more than my 19 year old brother who doesn't get up before noon (and thats early!)
-remembering those giant, horse sized prenatal pills? piece o cake! i'm a creature of habit. oats and a glass of milk with those horse pills? yes please!
-constant nagging hunger pains? i'm a foodie so i love this part. greatest part of being home... hello jamms! you've never tasted SO good!
-oh those lovely, spontanious crying fits? oh yah love em.... i've never been a huge crier but guess its good for me? ugh no i hate this part. i cry over songs, pictures, nice text messages, fb comments? come one!

truth is, i love being pregnant. i've know for almost 2 weeks now but it feels so much longer. i've grown so attached to this little baby already... by the way my baby is currently the size of a few poppyseeds and its growing arms. creepy much? good thing mama loves you! =)

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  1. Bahaha, love the last sentence. Eat plenty of jamms for me!!