Thursday, August 18, 2011

pregnant =)

whelp cats outta the bag and all over facebook now... mike and i are pregnant! well as Ash put it i'm pregnant and mikes just the lucky bastard ;-)just barely pregnant like we went off birth control 7 weeks ago. i had a period (i know ew yuck!) but it was a very light 2 day one... so i'm thinkin i'm right around 6 weeks pregnant now. we've been talking about babies steadily for awile now but when i came home we looked up my ovulation cycle and we were gonna get serious about it! no need in the house i guess! i don't really know why i even bought a test i'm suppose to start this week so i honestly did not think it would turn out positive! i had to go get sweet potatoes and just thought what the heck and picked one up. i took the test right when i got home and wham 10 seconds later 2 pink lines were popping up! at this point my mind is BLANK so i took the other 2 while freakin out on the phone with mom cause i couldn't pee again! but just like that the other 4 pink lines were very obvious and there's no denying i'm preggors =)

i really wanted to tell mike in a super cute way but lets face it. i saw the truck grabbed the sticks and jumped! mike was speechless but slowly the big shit eatin grin took over and my heart stopped. i've been looking forward to this moment forever just being able to tell him the news and it was even better in person =)

needless to say all sets of parents are very, very excited! pretty much everyone knew it was coming. i even had a 3 people say oh iknew you were i just didn't want to freak you out! what!? lol im also pleased to say i only got asked once if i was going to "take care of it" i kindly said no i'm married, it was planned you can kindly f off now. gotta love the one jealous ex. ugh. we've gotten a ton of questions too so i'll just spell it all out here...

-are we excited? HELL YES WE ARE!!!

-was it planned? yes and no. like i said we got off birth control thinking it would take a few months to get it outta my system... or 1 week?

-when am i due? whelp since i am just a freak and took the test way before i should even know i don't get to go to the doctors for oh about 6 weeks =( so for now i'm stickin with aprilish

-when are we moving back home? we're not. this is part of our "plan" mike has another yearish left of the apprenticeship and there's no way i'm giving up this fab life we've started. so we'll be back home in probably 2-3 years. we want to travel after mike gets his golden ticket. we're still getting ournew trailer probably the end of september. it has another back bedroom for a crib and everything! trailer baby!

-do we want a boy or girl? its weird i'm still getting used to the fact i'm PREGNANT! i really don't care either way. mike says he wants a boy(go figure) so guess we'll wait and see!

i'm really nervous, anxious and just really want to go see a doctor or nurse now. i feel like i have no many questions! am i for sure pregnant? i am excited but wowsa that was fast. can i run still? i'm not an intense 5 mile runner but would like to continue my little jogging... are these the only prenatals i need? cause these horse pills are gonna be a pain, a choking pain. yoga i know its good for me but can do i need to wait for the baby to be i dunno bigger? i don't wanna work on the splits and something bad happen! oh my gosh i'm freakin out! i just don't want to do anything wrong and something happen. i know i'll probably be fine. i'll just keep praying and play it safe? ugh... i think i'll be makin phone calls today ;-)

happy thursday all! =)

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  1. Love the jealous ex shout out, bahaha gotta embrace em for what they are. But love this way more, we are so so so happy for you guys!! Get ready for round two in a few years, my kiddo's gonna need a BFF! ;) Love you guys!