Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fam Reunion

alright so since i've been back in idaho i've been a bit of a slacker but i think alls forgiven conisder i've been with most of you who read this ;-)

the drive home wasn't hard at all. remmi bean slept the whole way and sang along with me, my singing must sound like howling to him? we spent a few days here in town than headed up to the family reunion up past moyie. im one blessed lady because not only did i get to enjoy my mom's side of the family, my grandma schenck came up with more of the schenck side. how many people get to say both sides "hang out" together?! its wonderful.

i know i don't have to go into too many details of the reunion because lets face it 95% of who reads this is family... the reunion was a total blast. i've always loved being around my family, even my earliest momeries are wonderful but there's something to be said about finally not feeling like one of the "younger" ones. i loved visiting with everyone and feeling like i had something of "value" to add. like how marriage is so hard and rewarding, talking about how it is to finally feel married, and of course babies! thats a given question around my family. if you're dating someone its when ya getting married? and if you're married its when are the babies comin in? i love it.

even though i don't work and really don't have alot of stress in my life, i felt totally completly relaxed. like i didn't have a care in the world. the only thing missing was of course my husband. mike wasn't able to come this year but next year its not even a question. but i have to say it made me feel great and him wheni told him how much he was missed. growing up i've always wanted my boyfriend to be apart of the family and mike is no exception. i swear my parents have taken his side more than mine anyways. and if christopher had a choice he would trade me in for mike "his big brother". its such a wonderful feeling.

my days went like this: a little 4 wheeler ride to pick huckleberries, breakfast, pack our day bag, drinks, snack and head to the lake where we would spend the next oh 6 hrs laying on tubs laughing. i don't think i've ever laughed so much and so often. we would head back to camp and have shower/spicket time. which was by far my favorite time. mostly it was mom amy and i would gather up our shower gel, shampoos and combs to the spicket where in between gasping because of the cold water and laughing our heads off we would feel clean. (well in camping terms, decent feeling) the whole family would gather around for dinner and visit more and really enjoy each other company. i feel like camping with the family was the perfect way to have a reunion. everyone was able to be theirselves in their smelly, no shower, no make up kinda way =)

i love seeing everyone's posts about how great it was and how we can't wait for next year because its the truth! next year will be even better too =)

i leave monday to head back to my trailer life. i know some people have gave their opinions about me missing my 1st wedding anniversary (SUNDAY!!) its hard knowing i won't be there but its okay. i want/need to be here for Jocey's 1st birthday party. i was having some very hard feelings about going home but thankfully i did marry mike who knows me better than anyone and said exactly the perfect thing to help me make my decision. So cda i'm here until monday with no regrets and no hard feelings back home. although now my charming husband has taken pleasure in torturing me with some surprise... crap!

speakin of trailer life i will now be going home to a new car! yay, right? ha no.... mike and landon (apprentice/trailer park pal) bought a flippin race car. ugh its trashy but i got to pick the colors! yellow and limegreen haha guess well see!!

sorry no pictures this time.... all reunion pics are on my fb and i'll post pics of the race car later! =) xo

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