Monday, November 7, 2011

its a wonderful life.

it is wonderful but also very, very cold. welcome to winter in Casper, Wyoming. its snowed on us multiple times now while it doesn't last long before the snow blows it away. the average temp is right around 20 degrees, while yesterday the temp was a warm 8 degrees up on Casper Mtn (ten minutes from our park)luckily we've managed to stay warm, well inside the trailer. my morning walks are another story, i've actually picked up jogging again just to stay warm, tired Rem out faster, and get back to my morning cup of hot chocolate next to the fire.

surprisingly we've been pretty busy! Mike is now working 6 9s, weird i know. we never thought we'd say this but we actually don't want to move until after the holidays... this will be our first thanksgiving totally alone. which of course is bittersweet, it'll be interesting to see if i can pull off a thanksgiving dinner in the trailer! Mike is also getting a ton of hot time, if we stay here he should have all of his hot time completed. Christmas present in itself right there! i've been staying busy with my new yoga classes, a few extra classes-i took the shake your bon bon candy class, so fun and next saturday i'm taking a bread making class! i've also been busy with crafting and slowly putting the nursery together... we got a big area rug for back there and we ordered the crib, it should be here in 2 weeks. of course it'll be bare until we come home from Christmas- we sent the bedding set to my parents just in case of a move. I posted the button tree on facebook, i'm so happy with how it turned out! i can't wait to add our baby's name too it :) i finally decided what to do with the other canvas... i'm no artist but i'm pretty impressed with my painting...

this is hanging over the guest bed... i love it because of course we know our baby is God's special blessing to us but i walked down the aisle to this song :)

we also had this big, awkward metal thing in the nursery... it must have been used to hold gas cans, tools, or whatever none baby stuff you keep in a garage.

SO after much chit chatting with fellow crafters we decided to do this...mike was able to pull it off the wall, we spray painted it, bought some foam and covered it in baby print :)

its so nice to finally get into a routine again and finally start feeling like Casper is our home for the time being... although fingers still crossed in Jan we get moved a little closer to home, we'd really like our baby to not be born in Wyoming...

love our little family :)happy monday everyone! oh also today starts week 16 for our little huckleberry... we have another appointment next monday!

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  1. love the way you converted that ugly metal contraption into something useful and cute for you and your baby! I hope you pinned this on Pinterest ;)