Thursday, July 12, 2012

baby weight journey

after being under my original goal weight i decided i better document all this so when we decide to try to baby mcbride #2 i'm ready! thinking back on the whole experience: the months before i got pregnant, the 40 weeks & 4 days pregnant and now the 11 weeks post pregnancy i am really proud of myself. i wanted to have a healthy pregnancy and be a healthy, fit mama and i conquered it!

when we first moved to Wyoming i was probably the most unhappy with my body I'd been in awhile. of course i believe that goes hand in hand with not being happy with myself as well. so i set out to start running. of course we had just gotten Rem so he needed to be walked daily... so why not try running?! i started running and loved it. i honestly don't even know how long i was running for though i wish i would have calculated it but i was gone for about 45 minutes total (walking included.)
i also decided to pick up yoga again. best decision i could have made. i had always loved yoga but didn't have time to fully practice it.

although i was exercising daily the weight just wasn't coming off. i think i lost maybe 5 lbs but i was happy with my results and myself. i was starting to cook more but we were taking full advantage of being 21 and carefree (lots of beer & pizza!!)

Feb. 2011 (before moving to wy)
to say i was sick during my pregnancy would be an understatement. i threw up my entire pregnancy! maybe 3 week in December i got a break... it was slightly horrible. having all day sickness kind of put my running to a hault. my original plan was to continue jogging until it got too uncomfortable. i'm jealous of those woman who run their whole pregnancies. i couldn't... between my boobs aching and throwing up the whole way i switched to multiple short walks a day.

i stayed with yoga my entire pregnancy. once again probably the best thing i could have done for myself and my little baby. it was relaxing and challenging. instantly it got harder... trying to stay flexible while pregnant is kind of a joke. i'm still trying to touch my toes! i did vinyassa yoga and restorative yoga until i was about 28 weeks than i switched to prenatal yoga. i'm glad i stuck it out the whole way through... it helped me so much with breathing and we all know if you're going natural breathing is all ya got to hold onto!! ouch!

i ate relatively healthy the whole time. i didn't have any strange cravings like some woman, all i craved was fresh fruit. now living in Wyoming searching for fresh fruit, yah damn near impossible! at least when we got back to Idaho i filled my cravings with jamba juice. yum!
38 weeks

by the time i was ready to deliver wesson i weighed 170, the heaviest i had ever been. i was so ready to strap my boy in the stroller and get to walking the weight off asap! i had wesson at 40 weeks and 4 days; april 26th. after giving my body, oh a week to recover i decided to start walking. my favorite baby shower present was my Jeep Stroller and man is that thing getting miles put on! i also bought Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. best. video. ever.

"dealing" with my newborn was so simple. yes we got up in the middle of the night but once 5 am rolled around i was ready to go. i'm not a napper and somehow i survived on my few hours of sleep (thinking about it now, yah not sure how i did that) after his morning bath and feed i'd put him down on the couch and pop the DVD in. 25 minutes is nothing to get a good work out in. i tried to get walks in daily but in the beginning that was pretty difficult with the puppy and wesson, who really just wanted to stretch out and sleep.

we moved to colorado when wesson was 4 weeks old. that week i decided it was time to get serious. at this point my sweet baby boy was sleeping through the night 8pm to 6am, yah im spoiled! i was 155 at this point... i was doing my DVD every morning and walking in the afternoons but i just felt like i needed more. so i added in my runs with just Remmi before Mike left for work and Wesson was up. my day now starts at 4:30am (ouch!) i have to get up pump for a half hour than i'm ready to run. i walked first and mapped out my distance that i wanted to achieve. my goal is to get around 3 miles in... right now i can run a little over a mile. i know if doesn't sound like much, but it still amazes me how my body has changed and is still changing! my uterus is still trying to get back to normal and most days during my run my cramps kick and i'm reminded i can't push it or i'll really be suffering!

as for yoga i'm sad to report i'm all alone. my yoga now consists of my favorite poses on my pink mat in the trailer :( i plan on changing this once we get home and grandma can watch her favorite boy!! ;)

our "diet" is not a diet. well if you ask my husband it is because we don't have oreos in the house anymore. if only i had his metabolism! we eat clean and healthy. to me that means we eat have some kind of meats and veggies in every meal, plenty of quick easy snacks to grab and we try to buy all our fruits and veggies from a local stand. cheaper and better tasting! my sweet tooth fix: my iced coffee in the afternoons and a little wine at night! hey can't give it all up!
10 weeks: 15 lbs lost
Where I'm At Now:
i'm currently weighed in at 140!! i feel awesome except for the slight water bed tummy which is only going to go away with time. i don't feel like i'm hungry or missing anything from my meals. my running is just going to keep getting faster and longer, i'm not rotating through the Jillian levels 1,2 & 3 (and its not getting easier!!) mike and i are enjoying taking our family out for weekend hikes, and of course always searching for new, easy meals to make.

i can honestly say i am the happiest i've been. i'm married to my best friend, raising my happy little boy, and i'm healthy!

in true Cayla fashion i have to set more goals...come on who doesn't love squashing goals?!

-i'd ideally like to loose 5 more lbs
-build more muscles (bring it on Jillian!)
-do a 5k either august or september (hard to really set this one mainly because i have no idea which state we'll be living in so it may be a spur of the moment one)
-run the cda half next year. (ugh 13.1 miles?! can i really do that?! i'm willing to train and find out!)
-get back into yoga or at least touch my toes again! (also this one will come with time depending on where we're at)
-continue to try one new recipe a week

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  1. This is cool. Your commitment is impressive! I like how you have put it out there for others to see and make yourself accountable. I wish you the best in your journey of squashing your goals!