Tuesday, July 10, 2012

homemade salsa!

yup we did it... we made homemade salsa and its honestly the best salsa we've ever had! we still had some pace we wanted to use up first but mike decided to throw it out after eating ours :) we use our salsa for chips & salsa and for our tacos (with our homemade taco seasoning! yah we're pretty "yuppie" now!)

i found the recipe on pintrest (where else!?) we modified it a little just to make it the way we like...we found a veggie stand not even 5 miles from us so we get all of our vegetables and some fruits from there. we got all our salsa stuff plus some of their homemade chips for $7 and that made 3 pint jars and we have a few things left over... cannot beat that!

here's what you'll need this makes one pint jar:

--2 tomatoes
--1 can original Rotel (i don't put rotel in mine i just double the mators, my salsa is basically chopped tomatoes no spice)
--1 lime (roll around first than squeeze juices out into the blender)
--1/2 small onion chopped
--1 garlic clove (peel than smash with spoon)
--1/2 to 1 jalapeno chopped (as you probably guessed i used no jalapeno in mine, ya no thanks... mike put one whole one in his... we seeded his if you like it really hot keep the seeds and if you use the seeds feel free to brag to us! we ate one seed and thought we were going to burn our tongues off!)
-- 1 teaspoon honey
--1/4 teaspoon ground cummin
--1/2 teaspoon salt
--hand full of chopped cilantro

once you have everything prepared throw it all into a blender, my magic bullet is the PERFECT size to make one pint of salsa! i literally pulse for a few seconds i like my salsa chunky. mike chops his up longer...

its really, really rediciously easy. we've decided we actually enjoy doing homemade foods like this together. its fun to figure out how to make it perfect for us... plus we defiantly get our use out of all those left over wedding mason jars!
yummmmmm!! :)

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