Saturday, June 30, 2012

Idaho Springs

yes thats right we went to idaho well the closest we could get while being in colorado :)

after going on our fathers day hike we decided we really really enjoying hiking! and why wouldn't we?? its free, remmi gets his exercise, we get our exercise, wesson gets to get out in the fresh air, change of senery, and good family bonding. i love it.

mike found this hike for us... i'm a control freak, we all know it. so when he said i found a hike i resisted getting on there and micromanaging. i just made sandwiches and packed up our boys and said lets go! ha mayyybe i should have double checked the directions to find out exactly where my honey dearest was taking us. haha needless to say we took the loooong way there. yes i'm better with directions than my husband. i can thank my dad for that one, he wouldn't have a daughter who needed a guys help with directions ;)

anywaaays he got us there. we drove through idaho springs which by the way is the cutest town! it reminds me so much of wallace. we want to go back and stay at this bed and breakfast. so cute! we drove about 12 miles up to mount evans which is the highest paved road in north america. elevation was over 14,000 feet above sea level! we didn't go on the drive this time but on a rainy day we might... the area was so beautiful. we parked at the entrance of mount evans next to echo lake. it was such a pretty lake but of course in colorado for some reason you're not aloud to swim in most lakes... ugh.

our plan was originally to hike up to idaho springs lake which was about a 4 mile hike. we got about 2 miles in and decided yah well save the full hike for another time! haha its one thing to go on a hike but strap wesson to me (first time using our spiffy back back thanks Nicole and Patty!) and add in way higher elevation than we're used to 2 miles was perfect! our stopping point was at this little river where we ate lunch rested and prepped for the hike back up. holy cow it was hard! mike offered to take wes on the way up but no way was this mama giving up that easy, although i think my shoulders are wishing i would have haha. oh and by the way wesson loved the trip! he slept some but mostly just loved looking around at everything. hes a nature boy thats for sure!

i was better about pictures this time so enjoy. it really was a breath taking area that we will be going back to again soon. we've decided we're going to try to take on a hike every weekend. :) its been so fun searching for new ones and new areas away from ugly brighton!
already to go!

 echo lake

the easy walking area...

 lake echo

 laying down the first bit of water... he was hot!

 where we ate lunch

 camo baby

 my handsome broken husband

remmi loving the water

the mcbrides :)

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