Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Today is my 23rd birthday! crazy right? when did we start heading into the mid 20s?! growing up the age 23 was always the age i had in my head that was the age you should semi have shit figured out... little did i know you never actually figure anything out. i can say though i am extremely happy with how my 23 years have turned out...
-i'm married to my very best friend
-i have the most adorable 4 month old son who has loved playing in the pool and sharing peaches with mama
-i have a very crazy puppy who is slowly settling down finally
-our families are so wonderful and supportive with all the constant last minute changes
-our friends (new&old) are so great at making time for us on our short visits home

yes i'd say my life is exactly where i would want... of course the a house without wheels would be a little better but we're doing things most people would never have the opportunity to do! and now that we're only a short 5 hour drive from home it takes a lot of pressure of planning trips off me. it was so easy to have both of our parents load up their campers and come visit!

mike's parents, brother, and grandparents got into bozeman friday afternoon and my parents got into town sunday morning. it was a really relaxing weekend visiting, eating too much, drinking too much and of course watching wesson get passed around :)

we're moving again this weekend to a more permanent spot 10 miles up the road. i'm so excited to not think about moving for a few weeks.... its been really exhausting on all of us! thank you all for the birthday love :) i'm celebrating by swimming with my little buddy later and frozen yogurt and a redbox (my choice!!) tonight once mike gets home!

hope everyone had a fun/relaxing long weekend... here's our pictures from our fun weekend :)

 mike was SO proud of his cooler corn... which he found on pintrest ;)

 making huckleberry icecream!

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