Thursday, May 23, 2013

Living in Limbo

Hey all!
So ya know when everything starts falling into place and you just sigh a little relief and look up and say "thanks God" yup that's kinda been our 2 weeks. Well that and a big old side of crazy.
We spent a day searching for houses and that same day we got a call from a company saying they might be hiring locally... great but if that didn't happen and they sent him to Sandpoint we'd be stuck in a house we bought and can't sell. Needless to say we again changed plans and tried to find a rental.
Now I'm not sure if you're aware but holy cow it's hard to find houses to rent in cda right now. We spent 3 days filling out apps only to get told the house we liked just got taken. We finally found a rental house and signed on it the same day, the only issue- the folks aren't moving out until the middle of June! but we got a house! A cute 3 bedroom house, with a back yard, and its right down the road from my parents! haha okay not planned but it will save gas and my car from dog hair.
With not being able to move in yet, we needed to gut out our trailer completely and move everything into storage. Its amazing how much crap we could fit into that trailer! Our storage unit is 100% full of 98% of our processions. Haha seriously its going to be so fun to move...

In the middle of moving stuff around Monday, Mike got the call we've been waiting for. His first journeyman lineman job :) He was planning on leaving Tuesday morning for Montana to sign local 44 books (that's the two jobs he was offered earlier in the week...also just got a call again today for another job, if you're looking to get in the Northwest 44 is clear on the books :)) Although he had job offers, he was really wanting local 77 to call because ultimately he still wants to work with Avista but he needs to get some hot sticking time in. The job Mike took is a "dock crew" basically a local utility job, working 4 10s, Mike gets to come home everything Thursday night! We're not positive where the job will be but we know it will be in the Wenachee area so only around 4 hours from home. Seriously perfect! 

Mike's new home!

 Rental house: CHECK! Mike's job: CHECK! Everything into storage: CHECK! Moved into new trailer: CHECK CHECK (and its SO cute!!!)

walk around bed (complete with line boots :)) 
view from standing next to little couch, first thing in the door
little kitchen. oven perfect for little cinnamon rolls 
view standing in bathroom (bathroom not pictured but come on its a trailer bathroom ;))
view from couch
Its not the largest trailer but that's what we were going for. It's perfect for Mike to live in for now and will be even more perfect for camping in a few years. I love it and am bummed we won't be able to camp before Mike needs to take. But I'm sure we'll be getting lots of visiting in with it.
Despite all the busy, fast moving days things are all falling into place and slowing down. We've been able to squeeze family time so far with bow shoots, graduation parties, a caddy shack date and a birthday party where Wesson got to meet his second cousin. In a few years Rawlin and Wesson are going to be running wild at Grandpas cabin!
Mike's grandpa, mom and copper!

proud dads and handsome babies


Hope everyone has a fun memorial weekend! I know we are going to have lots of fun.... we're heading to Ritzville in the morning and I have a feeling the boys are going to be running wild all over Grandpa & Grandma McBrides property. Me? I'll be enjoying a few glasses of wine, not having to worry about moving, jobs or houses.

xxx :)

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