Tuesday, May 14, 2013

turning in my tramping wheels

ha, okay that sounds kinda bad but if you've been following this blog long you know for the past 4 years my husband has been a tramp lineman which automatically made me a tramp linewife the day I moved into our 28 ft trailer two years ago.

But yes I am turning in my tramping wheels. After long hours of tears, kinda "planning" (Kristina I am sure Ian would be rolling his eyes at me by now;)), discussing all options again & again... we've come to a decision. Well as close as a decision as we can right now. I'm moving home.

Coeur d'Alene, home. And I'm a ball of nerves about it, naturally. So as of right now Mike has gotten 2 calls by foreman asking for him, seeing how he just came off of 3 months working and only 9 days off!! he said he'd love to but he needs some time to get us set up and he needed some time to relax a bit. Our plan was wait for him to get a job than I'd try to find a place to rent where ever we were and see how that would go. Problem with that was if he got moved I'd most likely get stuck in a town with no one. If he got a call to Kennewick that'd be one thing but like most ideas, it wasn't solid. His two calls that he got were both for Montana.

After reevaluating our situation we knew the best option would be for me to just stay in Cda. If he goes to Montana or Washington we're still only a few hours away and now I'm more central regardless which direction he goes... plus my support system lives down the road.

On Friday we took step one to putting this plan into place: get rid of our monster trailer and get Mike a new home (that eventually we can take camping!) We planned to just go look, but left the lot owners of a 2013 Autumn Ridge! Its sooo cute! It was all way sudden so I didn't get pictures inside yet but we'll be making the trade next week.

sold! traded our 37 ft in for 24 :) perfect!
Step two happened by meeting up with our loan officer aka my best frans husband Steve to figure out what we need to do and than today we met up with another good friend Wendland(I'm liking my friends having with grown up jobs.)  to check out houses.  Like real houses. Houses without wheels. With back yards. With damn bath tubs!!! I'm not excited at all.

We decided our best option is to purchase a small house for me and Wes. We searched rentals and we would just be throwing money away. I, of course, fell in love with a house today but obviously until Mike accepts one of these jobs we're just looking for now. And of course things can and most likely will change again but until than I'm dreaming of paint colors.

Step three: Mike accepting one of these jobs.

Its really, really hard to think of not seeing Mike every night and not experiencing the new places anymore but we're ready to start making a more stable life for ourselves. I guess I'm experiencing what? linewife guilt? I dunno I feel like my "job" as a wife is to support as we travel and I am and will always support Mike but now we're just switching it up a bit. Two years on the road is tough and its just time to start settling down. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a 5 days a week job so Mike can come home on weekends. If not though you bet we'll be in that car driving to see daddy.

We're ready to start making plans that'll actually be able to go through, ready to be around for more stuff, see our family & friends more. We have a fast growing boy that needs some extra lovings and a marriage that needs some dang date nights. We're happy with our decisions and know this is the right directions but it's still scary. Change is scary.

Giving my worries up and praying for the best.

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