Thursday, May 9, 2013

First Drag.

Well we made it! I am blogging to you all from our very North Idaho camp spot :)
As most of you followed the past few weeks were nuts. Like I was so sick from stress Monday I was throwing up all day. Not fun. We didn't know when we'd be leaving, where we'd be going, I was a mess. Monday was rained out so instead of staying another day Mike decided to drag up and we'd be moving the following morning. I normally would have been all good to go except I was sick and I found out his decision at 6 pm, so we were scrambling to pick up and get set up.
We were able to get everything travel ready and sit around the fire one last time with our friends. Although it was cold (seriously we were all bundled up and freezing in probably 60 degree weather) it was a great night. If you've known me long you know I don't do well with good byes. I'm emotional and I get attached to people way too quickly. This was no exception.
Our trek back to Idaho started bright and early at 4 am, only to find our stabilizer jack was well, jacked up. I don't know details, I'm scared to ask but I guess it didn't go up very smoothly and daddy was making it very clear with some choice words it wasn't good. haha its all fixed now.

waiting for daddy to fix the trailer
Once we got going on the road the trip went pretty great. Wesson was with Mike and I got the fur baby. Both boys did excellent. We stopped in Twin Falls (sorry guys it was a quick grab lunch and stretch moment!) and hung out eating Artic Circle (yes!) in the trailer while everyone was able to stretch their legs and make it a few more hours. We decided to push it into Oregon so we wouldn't have as many hours on day 2.

Comfy Rem :)

We made it to Catfish RV outside of Huntington, Oregon. Which as my dad informed me is known for a slaughter that happened was back on the Oregon trailer. Sweet. Anyways we pulled into the park to the sweetest lady, who had fun showing Wesson the 5 week old puppies. We set up quickly, grabbed some pizza and enjoyed the view of the beautiful Snake River.

The next morning I woke up and took Remmi on a quick run up the road. Wow it's been awhile since we've ran, looking forward to getting that back.  After our run I decided to take devotion to the river and let Remmi run some more. He had way too much fun swimming across the river chasing the ducks. He was exhausted by the time we had to load up.

Water Puppy
Once we made it into Kennewick, Wa we made our way to the local 77 union hall to sign the books. Although we didn't find out much work information (we should know more tomorrow) it was pretty cool watching Mike ask for the JL books and signing away. There's so much future in that one signature! So many more adventures coming our way!

signing the 1st jl books! woop!

he kills me, sweetest puppy ever.
We made it into Coeur d'Alene early afternoon and headed to what we thought was going to be our park. The pictures looked nice and the price was right buuut the park was not so great in person! So after quickly taking our exit while panicking, googling new places we decided to just chill out, leave our set up at walmart for the night (yup that was our house there last night ;)) and let my parents take care of us.
Our day today was busy finding our new park, we are now comfortably set up at Alpine RV, woop come say hi! 

so happy to be home!

Christopher got to stop by after work! Love!!
If you're wondering where my baby has been the whole time, he's been with daddy so I didn't get any cute driving pictures and of course grandma wouldn't dream of Wes having to run errands with us today so he was happy playing with the puppies in the pool. I plan on being there allllll day tomorrow :)
We're excited to be here. We're of course so nervous, I mean we left a very well paying job to wait for a new one. We know the end result will be so much better being closer to home and we're already happier. We've missed you all. So for 2 weeks we're on vacation mode. Yes, Mike is waiting for a work call but we're not stressing yet. Mike will be busy working with his cool new programmer for his truck and going to bow shoots, I'll be busy catching up with my girlfriends and watching chick flick movies with mom, we have lots of plans with friends and family and plan on taking full advantage of our "vacation" :) 

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